Gray Armchairs

Cool, contemporary and versatile, gray armchairs are the perfect lounging companion for any modern home. Gray works with almost any color scheme and design style, making an understated yet stylish impression in any space.

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Gray armchair colors and materials

Gray is a neutral tone, much like black or white, that can work with virtually any other shade. This sheer versatility makes it an excellent choice for armchairs or couches in your living room. Available in a choice of materials, including soft touch polyester blends and more luxurious velvet, gray armchairs can make a great practical and comfortable addition to any living space. You can also choose between all fabric models or chairs with wooden or metal armrests and legs.

Style choices for gray armchairs

Gray armchairs come in a range of design styles, from modern clean cut lines to vintage curves, with a selection of finishes and materials to choose from to suit your design style. You can also get both freestanding armchairs and modular units to create versatile seating in your living space. Modular armchairs are available in both right and left hand corners, as well as armless sofa extensions, allowing you to build your seating area around your available space. The gray colour is a great neutral choice for living spaces, allowing you to add bolder color choices with throw cushions, rugs and other soft furnishings.

Storage and accessories

As well as armchairs and sofas, you can also find a range of other accessories in our range, including footstools, cushions and soft furnishings. Team your gray armchair with colorful cushions or a bold throw to add some vibrancy to your living space.


How do you style a gray armchair?

Gray is a great neutral shade, which makes it an ideal base around which you design your color scheme. Team the gray with bolder colored cushions or throws to draw the eye and add tonal layers to your living room.

What color of chair goes with a gray couch?

If you already have a gray couch, then your color choice of armchairs is very broad. You can either opt for a similar gray armchair, or you could choose a more colorful option. Leather armchairs and velvet armchairs can also make a stylish addition to your living room.

How do you decorate a living room with gray furniture?

Gray furniture is stylish, versatile and will stand the test of time. Unlike some other colors and shades that can come in and out of fashion, gray has a timeless appeal that can work with all sorts of design and color schemes. Use gray as your base tone and build a more vibrant or imposing color scheme around this with accessories.

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