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How to Style and Fill an Oversized Bedroom

Castlery|Jun 03, 2024

Do you have an oversized bedroom that needs some TLC? While the ample space offers endless decorating possibilities, oftentimes, it can also lead to a bedroom that feels cold and empty.

But, this doesn’t mean you should have tons of furniture that serve no purpose! In this article, we explore some ways you can fill up your bedroom to create a cosy and functional space. 

Ways to fill an oversized bedroom

Create functional zones within the bedroom

Creating functional zones in a large bedroom is a brilliant way to utilise the space effectively and enhance the room's comfort and usability. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, these zones can range from children's play areas to extensions of your living space.

Here are some ideas on how you can create zones in a large bedroom:

  • Create a cosy reading nook with a reading chair, a side table, and a floor lamp. Use rugs to delineate the space and add a sideboard or bookshelf to store books, games, or other essentials.

  • Dedicate a corner of your bedroom for a small home office. Get a desk, a comfortable chair, and good task lighting to create a productive workspace.

  • Set up a dedicated dressing area with built-in wardrobes, a vanity, and a mirror. Ensure that there are ample storage solutions for your beauty essentials and clothing. 

  • Have a workout area in your bedroom with equipment like exercise mats and weights. Ideally, pick an area of your bedroom that is away from the bed and other relaxation zones to create a mental separation between rest and exercise.

  • An entertainment area in the bedroom is also a great idea for leisure activities, such as watching movies, playing video games, or listening to music. Opt for a two-seater sofa and a console table to mount the TV and keep games entertainment essentials organised.

The Paloma Bouclé Armchair serves as a functional seating area in a walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom. Picture credits: @sophiayeong.dsign

A bouclé armchair in a walk-in wardrobe.
A chair and side table beside a bed with a fireplace.

The Ingrid Sherpa Chair creates a cosy little nook in @helenowen’s bedroom. Also pictured: The Dawson Bed.

Get oversized furniture

Another great way to fill up a large bedroom is by getting oversized furniture! Large pieces can serve as anchors and provide visual interest. It helps in occupying space proportionately so that the bedroom doesn’t feel sparse.

Plus, you’ll have more space - which is certainly nothing to complain about!

Here’s how to effectively style a bedroom with oversized furniture:

  • Get a king-sized bed or a bed with a large headboard to create a focal point in the room. Upholstered or tufted headboards can make the room feel luxurious. Don’t forget to include two bedside tables on either side of the bed for added functionality and to fill the empty spaces. 

  • Choose large dressers and wardrobes that have ample storage space for all your clothes, bulky bedding, and seasonal wear.

  • Include oversized seating options such as a chaise lounge or a two-seater. Pair this with a large coffee table for ample surface space.

  • Place a bedroom bench at the foot of the bed that can serve as additional seating, a place to lay out clothes, or a surface for decor items. 

  • Pick a large area rug over runners that not only defines the zones, but creates an illusion of a filled bedroom.

The Claude Performance Fabric Bed features a luxurious upholstered headboard with built-in sideboards and headrests. Picture credits: @briavialiving

A bed with a large headboard that comes with built-in side tables.
A bed with two matching curved nightstands, a loveseat, and an area rug in the bedroom.

The Rochelle Performance Bouclé Bed, Crescent 2-Drawer Bedside Table, and a sofa find their way into this large bedroom. Picture credits: @reems_design

Layer light sources

Oftentimes, large bedrooms feel empty because there is only one light source that doesn’t create a warm and inviting space.

Layered lighting can help fill the space, add visual interest, and ensure that different parts of the room are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here’s how to layer lighting in a large bedroom:

  • Choose overhead lighting like pendant lights, chandeliers, or recessed ceiling lights to provide general illumination and serve as a stunning focal point. 

  • For task lighting, place table lamps on bedside tables or use wall-mounted sconces on either side of the bed. Adjustable lamps with dimmer switches offer flexibility for reading or creating a soft ambiance.

  • When it comes to ambient lighting, use floor lamps in corners or near seating areas to create a soft pool of light. Table lamps on dressers or side tables provide additional layers of ambient lighting.

@livingwithnic incorporates table lamps to spruce up the bedroom and introduce task lighting. Pictured: The Dalton Bed.

A bed with a wingback headboard and two identical nightstands with matching table lamps.
A table lamp on a wooden bedside table with its light switched on.

Task lighting can provide sufficient illumination for reading or playing games, like in @livingwithley’s bedroom. Pictured: The Madison Bedroom Set.

Don’t leave your bedroom walls bare

Wall colours, wallpapers, and trimming are powerful design elements for large bedrooms. They can add warmth, help to define spaces, and create a sense of intimacy and cosiness. 

Here’s how to use them to transform your large bedroom:

  • Opt for warm colours like beige, taupe, soft grey, or rich earth tones. These colours add warmth and can make a large space feel cosier and more intimate.

  • Create an accent wall behind the bed using a bold or darker colour. This draws attention and breaks up the monotony of a large room. 

  • Use striking or intricate wallpapers to create accent walls and add visual interest to the bedroom. 

  • Wall trimmings like wainscoting, crown moulding, or panels to break up large wall areas. 

@honeyandtimber paints the wall behind the Rochelle Performance Bouclé Bed a muted green, creating an accent wall.

Two stools at the foot of a bed with two identical black nighTstands and table lamps.
A wall behind a bed with wall trimming.

@kenziekittle breaks up the wall space behind the Rochelle Performance Bouclé Bed with wall trimming and paint.

Incorporate free standing mirrors or artwork

Large mirrors and artwork are excellent choices for filling up your bedrooms. Mirrors enhances practicality and makes the space more bright, while artworks introduce character and personality to the space.

Choose a large mirror and position it strategically to reflect light from windows or to create interesting reflections of other decor elements. Placing a mirror near a window can help bounce natural light around the room, making it feel brighter and more spacious.

If you’re a believer in bedroom Feng Shui principles, don’t have the mirror facing the bed as this is believed to be disruptive to restful sleep.

For art pieces, use large-scale artwork to fill expansive wall spaces. A single oversized piece above the bed can create a dramatic focal point and anchor the room, while a collection of smaller artworks can be used to create a gallery wall.

A free-standing mirror helps to reflect light and add depth to @moorehisstyle’s bedroom. Pictured: The Harper Sideboard.

A free-standing mirror placed in a bedroom beside a sideboard.
A gallery wall filled with pictures in identical gold photo frames.

@kateaustinn creates a gallery wall of memories in the bedroom. Pictured: The Dalton Bed.

Have lots of plants

Plants are a versatile and dynamic way to enhance the aesthetic and ambiance of an oversized bedroom. They not only fill space but also bring life, colour, and a sense of tranquility. 

Get some plants to fill corners or place them beside furniture. Group different plants together to create a lush, garden-like corner. Vary the sizes and types to add depth and texture - from large potted plants like monsteras to smaller pots like succulents.

Consider adding hanging planters as well if you have tall ceilings to prevent the space from looking bare.

Having plants in a large bedroom can liven up the place and make it feel cosy, like @atasteofkoko’s. Pictured: The Lexi Tufted Bed.

A bed surrounded by potted plants in a bedroom.
A potted plant placed beside a white swivel armchair.

Fill any awkward corners with plants to add greenery and cosiness to a large bedroom, like what @jazzierdays has done. Pictured: The Amber Bouclé Swivel Chair.

Filling an oversized bedroom is more than just buying a bunch of furniture to occupy empty spaces - it also involves careful styling and selection to ensure a space that’s balanced between function and aesthetics. 

By following these detailed tips, you can create a space that is not only visually appealing but also practical and cosy, no matter how large your bedroom might be.

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