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Bedroom Design Ideas for the Modern Home

Castlery   |   Sep 22, 2022

After a long day at work and chores, we all look forward to resting our heads on our pillows and getting a good night's sleep. The bedroom is where we spend the most time, and yet decorations and designs for this space are sometimes neglected. Decorating a small bedroom may be a challenge because there is less space available to be creative. However, there are ways to spruce up the bedroom, even if you have a king sized bed, or live in a studio apartment. Here are a few bedroom design ideas that are suitable for a bedroom of all sizes, styles and ages.


Bedrooms are called as such because of one essential furniture - the bed. Seeing as we spend most of our time on said furniture, comfort is of high importance. While all beds may have the same basic structure, here at Castlery we aim to bring not only comfort, but style into the bedroom. Our bestselling Joseph Bed matches this with its striking stone grey backing and wooden base, contrasting each other well and bringing out the brightness in a lighter toned bedroom.

A white bed with patterned pillows in a sage green room with wooden bedside tables and wooden furniture Coupled with rustic Seb bedside tables, the Madison Bed propped against a sage green wall breathes cottage-core into the bedroom.

Reviving mid-century modern styles in any room, the Madison Bed is the perfect choice for any simple yet chic interior designs. Donned in an elegant neutral tone, Madison is a perfect fit into a room of any style. Bisque is a versatile complementary colour to any other that does not overpower other colours, and brings out their brightness and tones.

Small Nightstand

While petite in size, the small nightstand can be an interesting addition to your bedroom. Sometimes we just do not feel like getting out of bed to get a drink, and this night stand provides this convenience when placed as a bedside table. Designer nightstands can also considerably add to the style of the bedroom, by bringing in a tone of avant-garde or mid-century modern tone.

A bed with wooden bed frame in a minimalist clean styled bedroom and a wooden bedside table Joseph’s walnut tones and floating design make it the perfect bed to bring zen to any minimalist bedroom, and adding its matching side tables elevate your sanctuary. Picture credit: @mamamilaau

Rewind with a wooden bedside table, with their unique wood grain patterns that is sure to add a classic flair to the room. Castlery’s Joseph bedside table can be a signature addition to your bedroom, providing both style and functionality. For those looking for a more contemporary design, the Mika Side Table has an unconventional look that adds flair to the room.

Home Decor

Aside from small nightstands, there are a multitude of accessories options you can go for in the bedroom. One of the more essential ones being lighting, like a bedside lamp. Bedside lamps are especially important to those who enjoy reading at night, and go hand in hand with a bedside table. Castlery has a range of options of designer lamps, from smaller table lamps to larger floor lamps. Go unconventional with the Cedric Table Lamp, or unleash your dramatic side with the Marshall Pendant Lamp.

A woman rests in bed beside a standing floor lamp and a floor rug on a wooden flooring Styled in a cosy bedroom, the Cedric Floor Lamp is a stylish companion to brighten up your space through your favourite activities. Picture credit: @tifffhung

Aside from lamps, rugs can also considerably add to style in the bedroom as a flooring accessory. Castlery rugs come in various shapes and sizes, from large area rugs to small circle rugs. Depending on the bedroom style and temperature, jute rugs such as the Odessa Jute Runner, not only breathable but also an unique style icon for the regal bedroom.

Dark grey statement armchair, soft throw and black jute rug in a bedroom lounge area If you’re lucky enough to have space, dedicate a nook of your bedroom for some quiet downtime - the Paloma Armchair and Odessa Jute Rug can enhance your bedroom accessorising.

Of course, there are many other ways and furniture to accessorise the bedroom with, and you should always feel free to let your creativity run wild! No matter the style and design you are thinking of, from vintage to post-modern, Castlery will have just the furniture you need to complete your perfect bedroom.

What furniture or accessories are bedroom essentials?

Aside from the bed, essential bedroom furniture for a comfortable and convenient resting space may be a small nightstand, bedside table, and lamp.

How do I choose the right style of furniture for my bedroom?

Many like to match the bedroom interior design style to the rest of the house, though some also like to change things up in the bedroom as a completely different style of design. Depending on the bedroom style, there are various materials and designs you can opt for, e.g jute for minimalist or wool for Scandinavian.