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Tips to Host Your Holiday Dinner Party

Castlery   |   Oct 30, 2022

Is it just us, or do the holidays come round quicker and quicker every year? Though it may feel like you’ve only just taken down the tree and put the decorations away, this year’s holiday season is already fast approaching. With just weeks to go until the festivities begin, now’s the perfect time to start preparing for holiday meals and getting ready for your guests. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner with just your immediate family, or you’re inviting the whole neighbourhood around for a festive feast, there are furnishings and accessories out there that will make your home more inviting, more stylish and more practical. To help you get it just right, we’ve put together some of our favourite tips to host your holiday dinner party.

Make room for guests with an extendable table

The holiday season is the perfect time to pull out your extending table and maximise your dining space. Investing in an extendable dining table is a fantastic way to make your eating area versatile and welcoming. Pull your table out to its full size when it’s time to eat and then put your furnishing away to free up your floor space when the meal is done.

a wood table by a christmas tree with rattan chairs set up for a big family dinner during christmas Opt for an extendable dining table such as the Seb Extendable Dining Table that can be extended when needed to accomodate more people and food when needed.

We recently introduced our large Seb Extendable Dining Table. Measuring in at 1.9m, it allows you to accommodate a large group for dinner and ensure everyone is sitting comfortably.

Go alfresco

The holiday season is a fantastic time to enjoy a bit of outdoor dining. We have three collections of dining tables suitable for an alfresco setting, with the longest – the Rio Teak Dining Table with 4 chairs – coming in at an impressive 2.4m long.

Setting your holiday dinner party outside will help you to create an exciting and unique aesthetic and add to the atmosphere of your meal. Place festoon lights around your table, or lanterns along its length, to add a little magic to the occasion.

Consider using stackable dining chairs in your outdoor eating areas. Pieces from the Sierra dining chair set can be easily stacked and stored away when they’re not in use, allowing you to maximise your alfresco area.

Invest in flexible seating options

The more flexible your seating options are, the easier it will be for you to accommodate your friends and family this holiday season. Benches are a fantastic option for both indoor and outdoor eating areas. Benches let you squeeze more people into the same space and look fantastic when paired with stylish tables.

You could also think about adding a selection of poufs, stools, and ottomans to your living space. All three types of furnishing are very versatile and can be called into action when extra seating is required.

Make it inviting

When guests walk into your living area, you want them to feel welcome and at home. You can do this by placing a few soft and sumptuous rugs on your living room or dining room floor. Layer a fluffy high pile rug, like the Aziza area rug, or a soft wool rug, like the Desi wool rug or Lorenzo wool area rug, to create a space that’s stylish and inviting.

a mother sets up christmas decorations on a wood coffee table while her daughter plays on the couch and wall decorations @vannie.beauty welcomes all her guests with a well-decorated and clean home with a comfy rug by the Hanford Sofa.

Place a rug under your dining table to help define your eating area or put one under your sofa to make this relaxing space the focal point of your home. If you want a truly luxurious feel, you could even layer up your rugs to create a fuller, softer aesthetic.

Think outside the dining room

Although your dining table is likely to be the focal point of your holiday celebrations, it’s important not to overlook the other parts of your home when preparing for your festive feast.

One of the most important areas to invest in outside the eating area is your living room seating space. Guests are likely to gravitate towards your sofa and comfy chairs before and after your meal, so make sure your lounge is ready to impress. Again, adding rugs to a layout is a great way to make the space more colourful and more visually exciting. Throws and scatter cushions can also be used to brighten up your seating area, introduce accent tones and make the space as comfortable as possible.

a grey modern living room with a large area rug on the floor and a designer wooden coffee table in the middle beside the fireplace @careyushome adds a touch of design to her home with her Andre Coffee Table.

Invest in a stylish coffee table with drawer so you have somewhere convenient to play games and chat after your indulgent meal. You could even use your coffee table as a fun, alternative dining area. The new Seb round and rectangular coffee tables without drawers can easily serve as mini dining tables. Whilst the Peri and Seb coffee table with storage have large, generous surface areas, making them perfect for holding lots of drinks and snacks.

Putting a little thought into your interior now will help to ensure your living room, dining room and al fresco entertaining space are ready to go when the holidays roll around. To get more interior design inspiration, and to start shopping for the perfect pieces for your home, explore our beautiful collection of furnishings today.

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