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Come Join Our Global Graduate Programme!

Our Global Graduate Programme is a two-year flagship professional development program by Castlery, in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, aimed to grow all-rounded future leader and experts in our industry. Our programme is meticulously crafted to furnish you with a comprehensive perspective and an extensive, hands-on skill set. Immerse yourself in focused rotations within pertinent functions, tailored to your chosen career track, such as Product Design and Merchandizing Excellence. But that's not all – exciting overseas assignments and enriching learning trips are on the horizon. Seize the chance to glean insights from our esteemed senior leaders and industry experts. This isn't just a programme; it's an odyssey of growth and learning. Calling all aspiring product designers and enthusiasts of retail merchandizing excellence! If you're fueled by a passion for reshaping the global furniture industry, then look no further – this program is tailor-made for you! Join us in bringing your vision to life and making a mark in the world of design and merchandizing. Your journey begins here!

Applications are currently open for 2024 intake until 10 March 2024.
Are you ready to elevate your journey? The adventure awaits!

Merchandising Excellence

The Merchandising Track provides focused rotations in Category Management, Demand Planning, and Buying. This hands-on experience delves deep into strategic planning, forecasting, and purchasing - offering a comprehensive understanding of key retail disciplines.

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Technical skills

Immerse yourself in the relevant tools used within our company. Gain hands-on experience and proficiency in the tools essential for your role, ensuring you're well-equipped for the tasks at hand.

Functional skills

Elevate your interpersonal skills through modules focused on collaboration and effective teamwork. Learn the art of communication, active listening, and empathy, fostering positive relationships within the team and with external stakeholders.

Leadership skills

Develop strategic thinking and leadership abilities with modules covering project management, decision-making, and problem-solving, tailored to the specific needs of our company.

What’s Our Application Process like?


Graduates from various disciplines with less than 3 years of working experience are welcome to apply!

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Applications are currently open for 2024 intake until 10 March 2024.
Are you ready to elevate your journey? The adventure awaits!

What’s Waiting For You at the End of the Programme?

You will be offered a fixed permanent role according to what interests you and the positions that we are able to offer.