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Come Join Our Graduate Programme!

Our Graduate Programme is a one-year structured programme where self-starters can really make their mark. Castlery's Graduate Programme allows you to explore what various teams in the organisation do to gain a deeper, holistic understanding of the business. Within your selected stream (pick from five options), you will undergo two rotations within its department and one rotation in another stream (also of your choice). You will be well-equipped with skills from different functions, even those from other streams you did not select through the programme's unique features like the Business Innovation Project and Training Modules.

Applications are currently closed for the 2023 intake. You are welcome to apply next year!

We believe that the world is your oyster, so what better way to figure out your career calling than to try your hand at different things?


Have the opportunity to experience marketing and growth functions such as Campaigns, Partnerships, Performance Marketing, CRM, UI/UX, product management. This is the time to explore your interests and discover your strengths!

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Business Innovation Project

The Business Innovation Project is a growth opportunity that lets you take ownership of projects and explore your areas of interest.

Choose from an existing project within your department or start a completely new one. Graduates can work on various Business Innovation Projects during the programme. Beyond your regular on-the-job learning, this is an avenue for you to gain hands-on experience, career guidance and self-development.

Training Modules

Training Modules are another highlight of the programme, offering you insight and expert advice on a broad range of topics beyond your own streams.

Examples of modules you can look forward to include:
  1. Project Management
  2. API 101 and Low-code Development
  3. Facebook/ Google Ads, Google Analytics
  4. Fundamentals of P&L
  5. Analytics with Data Warehouse

What’s Our Application Process like?


Fresh graduates from various disciplines with less than 1 year of working experience are welcome to apply! Applications open at the end of every year.

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Applications are currently closed for the 2023 intake. You are welcome to apply next year!

What’s Waiting For You at the End of the Programme?

You will be offered a fixed permanent role according to what interests you and the positions that we are able to offer!

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