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Buying the Right Bed – Our Starter Guide to Bed Sizes & Styles

Castlery   |   Aug 12, 2020

dark grey fabric queen size bed in bedroom Pictured: Seb Bed in Queen Size in Queen Size. Image credits: @qanvast and @livspace

Looking to get a new bed? Given that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it’s important that you invest in the right bed frame.

If you’re unsure of what to get, you won’t want to sleep on our guide to help you get started!

What is the right bed frame size for you?

The first order of business is finding out which size is the most suitable for you.

The difference between a queen and king-sized bed frame may not be immediately obvious, but you’ll soon realise that depending on your sleeping habits and room space, size matters.

The Queen Size Bed

For couples who are rooming in a smaller or average-sized room, the queen size bed frame would fit the bill. This practical but still spacious frame fits two people snugly and there’ll be some breathing room both in, and out of bed.

It’s also popular with solo sleepers who enjoy having extra bed space to doze in.

The King Size Bed

Th king size bed frame is family-friendly and will provide ample space for two or more, and is comparable to having two twin-sized beds combined in one majestic frame. It even accommodates pets or children who want to join their parents for a snuggle under the covers!

If you have room to spare and want to go all out in the comfort department, this generously-sized frame is perfect for you.

Measuring Tips

dark grey fabric queen size bed in bedroom Pictured: Seb Bed in Queen Size. Image credits: @styledbypt

Generally, the dimensions of a queen-sized mattress would be 152 cm by 191 cm and a king-sized mattress would be 182 cm by 191 cm.

This difference of 30 cm could be the make or break factor between having space for a bedside table or a good night’s rest, so it’s important to measure, measure and measure again!

If you’re planning to share a bed and don’t want your partner too close for sleeping comfortably, try this out:

  • Get your partner to lie beside you on the mattress.
  • Rest your head on your hands and keep your elbows facing outwards

You’ll know that you’ll have enough room if your elbows don’t touch!

grey wingback bed in spacious modern bedroom Pictured: Our Billie bed's curved wingback bed frame and footboard exude an elegant and compact impression.

Another essential factor? Having space around the perimeter of your bed.

The last thing we want is for our bed frame to be so big it obstructs our movement or prevents us from opening cupboards fully due to space constraints.

Ensure you have enough space to move around your room with the new bed in place by checking the measurements for your new bed frame.

Pro-tip: You should have 75cm to 90 cm clearance on 2 to 3 sides.

What do you look for most in your bed frame?

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may require a specific bed style or type to last you for nights to come.

Here’s a handy guide based on the characteristics you’re looking for in bed frame styles and designs!

Durable design

If you’re looking for a bed frame to accompany you through the years to come, the Joseph bed frame is for you. With a unibody construction and a stable foundation of solid pine wood slats, this sturdy bed frame is built to last.

This is accompanied by its minimalist, clean-lined profile which has a timeless allure that will never go out of style.

contemporary bedroom with bed, side table and plant Pictured: Our Joseph Bed can stand the test of time while making it look effortless thanks to its bed base design which makes it look like it is floating in mid-air.

Additional comfort

For those who wants extra comfy nights in, you need a bed that has got your back – literally.

We suggest getting slanted headboards for ergonomic support when you lean back and relax in your beds.

light grey upholstered fabric bed with sofa, bedside table and plant Pictured: Our upholstered Gianni Bed has a plush, slanted headboard, along with an Italian-inspired design profile.

Easy maintenance

You can’t go wrong with sleek wooden bed frames which add a classic, timeless charm to your sleeping quarters while ensuring fuss-free cleaning.

solid mahogany wood bed in pastel bedroom with bedside table and lamp Pictured: Our Logan Bed is crafted in solid mahogany with a streamlined style that is easy to maintain.

Getting a wooden bed frame can make cleaning up more efficient as it does not trap dust as easily.

For those who want the best of both worlds, our wooden Seb Bed combines comfort with convenience with its modern inset fabric headboard and elevated base which makes it easy to clean underneath your bed.

wooden bed with grey fabric headboard, carpet and bedside tables in modern bedroom Pictured: The Seb Bed and Seb Bedside Table make for a stylish and practical pairing.

Unique style

Fancy a bed frame which can make a statement? You can consider our mid-century modern inspired Hudson bed.

Its gorgeous and distinctive grain patterns are derived from solid acacia wood, and its slim metal legs give it a luxe modern accent.

Mid-century modern bed frame with gold legs, bedside table and carpet Pictured: Classy style comes naturally with the Hudson Bed, complemented by the Hudson Bedside Table.

Upholstered bed frames make for a luxurious centerpiece, and can amp up your bedroom style. A large headboard is also a glamorous addition to any bedroom and can elevate your home decor.

grey upholstered bed in modern bedroom with round side tables Pictured: The Adams Bed has a chic exterior and can be complemented with other modern pieces like the Mika End Table which can elevate your bedroom style.


Spoilt for choice? Take your time and consider your options before you pick out the bed frame that’s perfect for your lifestyle, whether it’s a queen size or king size bed.

For more great deals and bedroom additions, feel free to check out our bedroom furniture online. Happy shopping!

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