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How to Mix and Match Patio Furniture

Castlery|Mar 15, 2024

Achieving that harmonious blend of patio furniture isn't just about arranging chairs and tables; it's a symphony of style, comfort, and personal expression. For the most part, people fall somewhere between a minimalist and maximalist approach, and it can be a bit of a headache to make it work.

In this guide, we're diving into the often-overlooked nuances of mixing and matching patio furniture. We uncover detailed information about which materials work well together, which pieces to choose for your space, and how to build a colour scheme that works for you.

How to mix and match patio furniture

Embrace an eclectic mix of styles

Forget the notion that everything must match perfectly when it comes to the style. Blend different styles to create an eclectic harmony that speaks volumes and creates a dynamic atmosphere.

Imagine a modern outdoor sofa paired with woven chairs, or a sleek dining set with bohemian accents. The different materials and aesthetics these pieces bring can create a visually interesting space. The key is to create a curated mix that mirrors your unique personality.

A teak dining table with black woven chairs.

@ashleyfultz pairs the modern farmhouse Rio Teak Dining Table with tropical woven armchairs.

Switch up the materials

Just like mixing the different furniture styles, combining different types of materials adds visual interest, texture, and a touch of uniqueness to your patio.

Choose a dominant material that sets the tone for your outdoor furniture. Common outdoor furniture materials include wood, metal, wicker, and plastic. Then, introduce contrasting materials to create a dynamic look. For example, pair a wooden dining table with metal chairs or a wicker sofa with a glass-topped metal coffee table. The contrast between materials adds visual intrigue.

A resin wood dining table and rattan dining chairs.

The Sierra Dining Chair is made with a rattan webbed suspension and an aluminium frame. This blends well with the Sierra Dining Table with a wooden tabletop.

Scale and balance

Size matters, especially in the world of patio furniture as the size of each piece plays a crucial role in creating a visually appealing and balanced space.

Begin by selecting a few key pieces that will serve as the focal points of your patio. This could be a spacious sectional sofa or a large dining table. These statement pieces set the tone for the rest of your outdoor ensemble.

@mrsmakenamoore creates balance with the Maui Outdoor Lounge Set.

Mix in some smaller, more delicate items to create balance - think smaller side tables or lounge chairs. This creates a harmonious composition, preventing the space from feeling overwhelmed or too uniform.

Unify colours

When it comes to mixing and matching outdoor furniture, be careful when it comes to the colours. Too many colours in one space can create a messy and visually noisy space.

A rule of thumb is to have one principle unifying colour that runs throughout the space, and then supplement that with accent tones. Neutral tones like beige, grey, or white often work well as dominant colours, providing a versatile canvas for other elements.

@cottageandsea creates a predominantly white outdoor space with the Sorrento Outdoor 3-Seater Sofa and includes accents of black and brown.

You can then introduce accents in the form of throw pillows, cushions, or small accessories. Choose colours that enhance the dominant hue without overpowering it. This adds visual interest without sacrificing unity.

Accessorise and highlight

Elevate your patio design by incorporating accessories and finishing touches to the space. Think colourful flowers, statement plants, table settings, and more – all working to highlight accents and draw distinct pieces together.

@caitlynchase creates a beautiful tablescape on the Rio Outdoor Teak Dining Set.

You can also consider throw cushions that unite two different styles of sofa, or a throw that softens a more modern style chair and makes it work with your other more rustic furniture. Little touches like this can go a long way towards making an eclectic style work.

As you take a step back and admire your uniquely curated patio, remember that the beauty lies in the details. Mixing and matching patio furniture isn't only about creating a visually appealing space. Experiment with different styles and don’t forget to infuse your personal touches into the space to create a sanctuary of comfort and style.

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