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The Dawson Sofa: Why It Will Make You Want to Stay Home

Castlery|Mar 15, 2024

One of our most popular collections, the Dawson Collection, blends contemporary design with unparalleled comfort. Its generous proportions and low-profile silhouette make it the perfect sofa to lounge in.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into this furniture line, specifically focusing on the range of sofas. We examine their design elements, material choice, and practical benefits that make them a good fit for your home.

Highlights of the Dawson Sofa

Here’s a TLDR if you don’t have time to read the full breakdown of the Dawson sofas (though we highly recommend it!):

  • The sofa seat cushions are filled with foam, fibre, and feathers for a luxurious sink-in comfort

  • The sofas are modular with alligator clips to secure seats together, offering you the flexibility to configure the sofa freely

  • Dawson is extremely versatile and fits into various interior design styles, from modern contemporary to modern farmhouse

  • There are two fabric colours to choose from, beach linen (light beige) and seagull (light grey)

  • The Dawson sofas feature a low-profile with deep seats for the ultimate lounging experience

The Dawson Sofa: A breakdown


The Dawson sofas are fully upholstered in a lightweight fabric, composed of 93% polyester and 7% linen. Polyester is known for its high durability and resistance to wear and tear. The fabric gains additional strength by blending polyester with linen, which is a natural fibre.

This helps ensure that the sofa's upholstery remains robust, even in high-traffic areas, and maintains its appearance over time.

The Dawson sofa is upholstered in fabric composed of linen and polyester.

The seat cushions of the Dawson sofas use a combination of foam, fibre, and feathers to give the sofa a luxurious, sink-in feel, as well as retain their shape over time. The back cushions use fibre and feathers, which provide just enough support and comfort.

The suspension system features sinuous springs to enhance overall comfort by providing even support across the seating area.

Dawson’s sturdy sofa frame is made from laminated veneer lumber (LVL) with plywood, which creates a stable yet lightweight foundation. The sofa legs are made from plastic with a black coating, giving it a seamless look.

@nicolecarlsonxo creates a generous seating arrangement in the living room with the Dawson L-shape Sectional Sofa configuration.


At the heart of the Dawson sofa collection lies a sophisticated design that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with timeless elegance.

While maintaining a sleek and modern appearance, the sofa design incorporates subtle curves and edges. These design elements add a touch of softness, preventing the sofa from appearing too rigid. The thoughtful balance between the straight lines and gentle curves enhances the visual interest of the sofa.

The sofa features subtle curves on the frame of the sofa. Picture credits: @viviandotme

Additional side cushions on the sofa provide lumbar support or can be used as a pillow for lying down on the sofa. Furthermore, the sofa has a closed base and is low to the ground, providing a sense of stability.

The modular design of the Dawson sofas allows you to customise the configuration according to your specific needs and the layout of the living space. Whether it's a spacious family room or a cosy apartment, the alligator clips make it easy to arrange the sofa in different configurations such as L-shape, U-shape, or even as standalone pieces.

The Dawson sofa units have alligator clips so you can easily fit them together to configure multiple sofa variations.


While they fit into modern contemporary homes and can work well in modern farmhouse interiors, the sofas in the Dawson Collection are extremely versatile with their simple design and sleek silhouette.

The balanced proportions and tailored upholstery contribute to a sophisticated and refined look, creating a focal point in any living space.

There are also two colours of fabric you can choose from, so you can freely decide which sofa colour best suits your interior design aesthetic.

For example, pairing the Dawson sofa in beach linen (a light beige) with neutral tones like whites or earthy colours, along with white-washed wood or rattan, can give you a modern farmhouse interior. Pairing the sofa in seagull (a light grey) with materials like walnut wood, and colours like black or navy, can give you a cosy and moody aesthetic.

The Dawson Extended Sofa with Ottoman in Seagull paired with the Odessa Jute Area Rug create a cosy, moody space.

Size and seating capacity

As mentioned above, one of the highlights of the Dawson sofa collection is its modularity - allowing you to configure several different sofa variations to fit your layout, lifestyle, and preferences.

Whether your home is on the cosier side, or you have the luxury of space, the Dawson sofas can fit perfectly into your home. Picture credits: @wasa.bihome

Let’s first take a look at the dimensions of Dawson’s individual sofa units.

Sofa unit Dimensions Seating depth Seating height Backrest height How to use
Left Arm SofaW114 x D114 x H81 cm62 cm46 cm39 cmTo be fitted at the left side (end) of the sofa
Right Arm SofaW114 x D114 x H81 cm62 cm46 cm39 cmTo be fitted at the right side (end) of the sofa
Corner SofaW114 x D114 x H81 cm62 cm46 cm39 cmTo be fitted at the corner of the sofa, allowing you to form an L-shape configuration
Armless SofaW93 x D114 x H81 cm62 cm46 cm39 cmTo be fitted as the middle seat(s) of a sofa
Small OttomanW93 x D93 x H45 cm93 cm45 cm-To be fitted in the middle of a configuration (to form a pit sofa), at each end of the sofa (to form an extension), or as a standalone piece
Large OttomanW114 x D93 x H45 cm93 cm45 cm-To be fitted in the middle of a configuration (to form a pit sofa), at each end of the sofa (to form an extension), or as a standalone piece

These sofa units come with alligator clips at the base of the sofa, so they can easily be fitted together to create a sofa that fits perfectly into your home. Here are some possible variations of how you can configure the Dawson sofa:

Configuration Dimensions Seatable width Which Dawson sofa unit you’ll need
3 Seater SofaW228 x D114 x H81 cm186 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Right Arm Sofa
Extended SofaW321 x D114 x H81 cm279 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Armless Sofa
1 x Right Arm Sofa
L-Shape Sectional Sofa W321 x D321 x H81 cm279 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
2 x Armless Sofas
1 x Corner Sofa
1 x right arm sofa
Chaise Sectional Sofa W207/321 x D114/207 x H81 cm279 cm

Left facing:
1 x Left Arm Sofa
2 x Armless Sofas
1 x Corner Sofa

Right facing:
1 x Right Arm Sofa
2 x Armless Sofas
1 x Corner Sofa

Pit-Sectional Sofa W321 x D207 x H81 cm279 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Right Arm Sofa
3 x Armless Sofas
1 x Ottoman

The possibilities are endless with the Dawson sofa as you can simply add or remove sofa units based on your space and preferences! You can also add on the Dawson Ottoman to your sofa configurations to create extended versions or use the ottoman as a makeshift coffee table for smaller spaces.

The Dawson Ottoman is being used as a makeshift coffee table.

Maintenance and care

As the Dawson sofas are upholstered in fabric made from a blend of polyester and linen, this makes it relatively easy to care for and maintain.

Furthermore, the sofas have removable cushions and cushion covers that are machine washable. This adds a practical touch and makes maintenance a breeze as spills or stains can be easily addressed without leaving lasting damage on the sofa.

@mywellihousedecor creates a mirror effect in a sleek and minimalist interior with two Dawson 3-Seater Sofas.

Here are some pointers to take note of when it comes to the maintenance and care of the sofas in the Dawson Collection:

  • Regularly vacuum the sofa with a brush attachment to remove any loose dust particles and debris

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and keep the sofa away from any heating source to prevent fading or discolouration

  • As Dawson has removable cushions, flip, rotate, and fluff the seat and back cushions regularly to prolong their lifespan and keep them plump

  • Avoid sitting on the arms and frame of the sofa to prevent breakage

  • When moving the sofa, lift it at the base instead of dragging

Pricing and bundles

Depending on the sofa variations you plan to configure, this determines how many individual units is needed. The price of the Dawson sofas start from $2,478 - the Dawson 3-Seater Sofa, which consists of one left arm and one right arm sofa.

@theressnowplacelikehome pairs the Dawson Extended Sofa with Ottoman with wooden and jute elements for a modern farmhouse vibe.

Purchasing them as predetermined sofa sets (i.e. L-shape sectional, extended sofa, etc) provides the convenience of having them fully assembled and ensures that you have well-balanced space.

The Dawson Sofa Collection is a statement of style, comfort, and functionality - where luxury meets everyday living. Whether you’re looking for a cosy new sofa for your living room or a roomy seating space for your guests, the Dawson sofas are a perfect balance of design and comfort.

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