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6 Ways to Style a Sectional Sofa

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

Your sectional sofa is not just a functional piece of furniture; it's a canvas waiting to be adorned with your personal style.

With its versatility and ample seating space, a sectional sofa can become the focal point of your living room, providing comfort and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Whether you have a classic L-shaped sectional or a modular piece, we've compiled 6 ways to style your sectional sofa and create a visually stunning space.

Embrace symmetry

Symmetry is a classic design principle that brings a sense of order and visual appeal to a space. To create a sense of harmony in the room, position identical armchairs, side tables, or lamps on either side of the sectional.

By placing matching items on either side of the sectional, you create a balanced arrangement that is pleasing to the eye. This symmetry can be especially effective if you have a large sofa that dominates the room as the matching chairs help to visually anchor the sofa and create a cohesive seating area.

A person is placing a decorative bowl on a leather ottoman.

@wandotales creates symmetry by using two identical modules to create a C-shaped sectional sofa. Pictured: The Pebble Sectional Sofa.

This approach works well in more formal living rooms or when you want to achieve a timeless, symmetrical look.

Do take note to consider the scale of your sectional sofa and the available space in the room. Ensure that the chairs are proportionate to the size of the sectional and the overall room. You don't want the furniture arrangement to feel cramped or overcrowded.

Use ottomans

An ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes and enhance the overall comfort and aesthetic of your sectional.

A person is placing a decorative bowl on a leather ottoman.

@designlovesdetail uses the Jonathan Leather Ottoman as a coffee table.

The primary function of an ottoman is to provide a comfortable footrest. You can position the ottoman in front of the sectional, allowing you and your guests to kick up your feet and relax. This enhances the comfort and overall lounging experience of your sectional.

Ottomans can also double up as a stylish coffee table alternative. Opt for ottomans with a flat or tray-like surface to provide stability for placing drinks, snacks, or books.

Go for contrast

Contrast is a powerful design element that adds excitement and depth to a space. By choosing a sectional sofa in a bold colour or pattern, such as a vibrant red, a rich navy blue, or a unique shape, you create a focal point that immediately captures attention. The boldness of the sofa's design or colour creates a sense of drama and draws the eye toward it.

Pairing this bold sectional with neutral-coloured walls like white or beige allows the sofa to take center stage. The neutral backdrop serves as a canvas that highlights the vibrant or intricate details of the sofa, allowing it to stand out even more.

A white sectional sofa with a vibrant red throw and rug.

@laurenselfblogs creates a stunning contrast of the Owen Chaise Sectional Sofa with vibrant red hues.

When going for contrast, it's essential to consider the overall colour scheme and style of the room. Ensure that the bold colour or pattern of the sectional harmonizes with the existing decor and doesn't clash with other elements in the space. You want the contrast to be intentional and visually pleasing, rather than chaotic or conflicting.

Layer up different textures

Texture plays a crucial role in interior design, as it adds dimension and interest to a room. When it comes to a sectional sofa, incorporating various tactile elements that enhance the visual and sensory appeal of the space.

Place a soft, plush rug underneath or in front of the sectional. Opt for materials like wool, jute, or a textured patterned rug. The rug adds a layer of texture underfoot and defines the seating area, creating a more intimate and comfortable space.

A sectional sofa with different colored and patterned cushions and throws.

@dr.emzieees uses the Lilou Jute Area Rug to anchor the Dawson Chaise Sectional Sofa and introduce texture. Also pictured: The Andre Coffee Table.

Select cushions with different textures, such as velvet, faux fur, or woven materials. Drape a chunky knit throw or a faux fur blanket over the sectional to add warmth. Mixing and matching textures in your cushions and throws adds visual interest and creates a more inviting and comfortable seating area.

Mix and match

When it comes to styling a sectional sofa, don’t be afraid to combine different patterns, colours, and textures.

Experiment with cushions in different prints, complementary colours, and materials. The interplay of these different elements creates a rich and layered look, making your sectional more appealing.

A sectional sofa with different colored and patterned cushions and throws.

@locallovely mixes different colours and patterns on the Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa.

Don’t forget to choose cushions of varying sizes and shapes. Consider incorporating a mix of square, rectangular, and round pillows to create a balanced yet diverse arrangement.

To tie the look together, select a few anchor pillows that feature colours or patterns that are common throughout the space. These pillows act as cohesive elements that bring unity to the mix-and-match arrangement.

Bring nature indoors

Add plants and greenery near your sofa to create a fresh and calming atmosphere. This approach not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also promotes a sense of tranquility and connection with the outdoors.

A dog sitting on a leather sectional sofa.

@mensweardog decorates around the Isaac Leather Terminal Chaise Sectional Sofa with plants. Also pictured: Andre Coffee Table and Yara Jute Area Rug.

Choose plants that thrive indoors, like monsterras, terrariums, or succulents. Place larger plants in corners, and smaller potted plants on coffee tables or side tables next to your sectional.

We hope that this article has equipped you with the knowledge to transform your sectional sofa into a centrepiece to elevate the overall space.

Remember, these styling tips are just a starting point. Feel free to mix and match ideas, adapt them to your personal taste, and let your creativity flow. The key is to make your sectional sofa a reflection of your style and a source of comfort in your living space.

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