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The Quiet Luxury Interior Design: Why It's Trending

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

In a world brimming with constant noise and ceaseless distractions, the allure of tranquillity has woven its way into the realm of interior design, giving rise to the captivating trend of ‘quiet luxury’.

This aesthetic celebrates the art of subtle sophistication, elevating spaces through understated elegance, comfort, and a harmonious connection with nature.

Let's delve deeper into the rising trend of quiet luxury interior design and explore how you can incorporate it into your home.

What is ‘quiet luxury’?

Stemming from a fashion trend on Tiktok, the quiet luxury design concept embodies a sense of refined elegance, comfort, and serenity. The societal shift towards well-being and wanting more meaningful and authentic experiences; to celebrate the finer things in life without any flashy brand logos.

Think “money talk, wealth whispers.”

Those who embrace quiet luxury choose quality over anything else. More often than not, quality is the defining factor when making a decision - whether it be clothing or furniture.

When it comes to interior design, the same principles apply. You want to be able to exude luxury without having loud brand logos on every corner of your living room or bedroom.

It means creating spaces that evoke a sense of calmness and elegance through thoughtful curation of design elements, the use of high-quality materials, and a focus on comfort and well-being.

Key features of quiet luxury interiors

Comfort-centric furniture

The Dawson Sofa has deep seats for the ultimate lounging experience. Picture credits: @mywellihousedecor

Choose furniture that prioritises comfort without sacrificing style. Plush sofas and armchairs invite relaxation, and seating arrangements are often arranged to encourage meaningful conversations and a sense of togetherness.

Neutral colour palettes

Quiet luxury interiors favour colour palettes that are soft, muted, and neutral, often featuring off-whites, creams, greys, and earth tones. These colours contribute to a calming atmosphere, allowing the mind to relax and unwind. Don’t forget to sprinkle in colours like black or navy to maintain balance.

@ahillcountryhome sticks to a neutral colour palette in the living room. Pictured: The Hamilton Sofa and Amber Bouclé Swivel Chair in Snow.

High quality natural materials

Quiet luxury thrives on the art of understatement, where every design element is carefully curated to exude elegance without extravagance. It's a celebration of well-crafted details, showcasing the beauty of simplicity and the refined taste of the homeowner.

Materials such as wood, stone, marble, and natural fibres are integral to quiet luxury interiors. These materials infuse spaces with tactile warmth and a connection to the natural world, enhancing the overall sense of calmness. Furthermore, natural materials are often tied to being high quality. So, instead of faux leather or plastic, opt for genuine leather and solid wood.

Ample natural light

Having lots of natural light contributes to the serene atmosphere and helps to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

@dearnessie allows ample sunlight to enter the living room. Pictured: The Hamilton Sofa.

If you have large windows, use minimal window treatments and sheer curtains to allow the sunlight to enter your home and naturally light the place up. Also, use strategically positioned mirrors so that sunlight can bounce off your furniture to create a bright space.

Indoor greenery

@homebyheena introduces greenery into the living room for that pop of colour. Pictured: The Auburn Performance Bouclé Curve 3-Seater Sofa.

Incorporating indoor plants or nature-inspired elements brings the outdoors inside and reinforces the connection to nature. This touch of greenery adds vibrancy and contributes to a sense of well-being.

Quiet technology

Integrating technology discreetly is a hallmark of the quiet luxury design. The goal of this is to seamlessly blend modern conveniences with the overall design aesthetic, enhancing the user experience without disrupting the serene atmosphere of the space.

This includes concealed wiring, smart home automation, hidden audio systems, and unobtrusive gadgets to achieve an uncluttered aesthetic.

Less is more

Quiet luxury embraces the ‘less is more’ approach, avoiding excesses and clutter to allow rooms to breathe and radiate a sense of calm. By focusing on essential elements, the design evokes a peaceful ambiance that promotes relaxation and mindful living.

Choose furniture with clean lines, minimal designs, and avoid overly ornate and detailed pieces. As mentioned above, stick to natural materials to really highlight quality.

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Quiet luxury interior design represents a poignant response to the relentless pace of modern life, offering a retreat into elegance, comfort, and tranquillity. This rising trend captivates with its ability to harmonise simplicity with sophistication, inviting homeowners to create havens that stand as a testament to the art of living well.

As the world continues to evolve, the allure of quiet luxury remains a steadfast reminder of the timeless beauty found in the quietude of exceptional design.


Is quiet luxury the same as a minimalist interior design?

No. While they both share similarities, they are not the same. Quiet luxury interior design can be seen as a nuanced evolution of the minimalist design. It retains the core principles of simplicity and tranquillity while introducing elements of sophistication, comfort, and a stronger emphasis on the use of high-quality materials. While they share some common ground, quiet luxury offers a more refined and luxurious take on creating serene and elegant living spaces.

Is quiet luxury interior design expensive?

While quiet luxury does prioritise quality and craftsmanship, it doesn't necessarily mean exorbitant costs. Strategic choices in materials, furnishings, and decor can help achieve the quiet luxury aesthetic within different budget ranges.

Can I mix quiet luxury with other design styles?

Yes, quiet luxury can be blended with other styles like Scandinavian, modern, or Japandi. The key is to maintain the core principles of tranquillity, understated elegance, and comfort while incorporating elements from any desired style.

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