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How to Master The Art of Living Room Set Pairing

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

When it comes to designing your dream living room, living room sets can make filling the space much more manageable.

Living room sets save you time and effort in individually selecting pieces of furniture to match your interior design aesthetic. Furthermore, they offer endless possibilities for customising the space to reflect your personal style and needs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Mori and Auburn collections from Castlery’s latest season launch, and offer some suggestions when it comes to building your own living room bundle.

5 tips for living room bundle pairing

Deciding which sofa type works best

Selecting the right sofa type is the most important decision when furnishing your living room, as it is the focal point of the space where conversations happen. It also sets the space for other furniture pieces around it.

There are several considerations when it comes to choosing the best sofa: style, household needs, layout, and room size.

One of the standout features of the Mori collection is its modularity. You can mix and match various modules to create a custom configuration that fits your living room's shape and size. This allows for flexibility in designing a sofa that suits your unique needs and is great if you have a small space but often host guests.

A matching living room set anchored by a wool area rug.

The Mori Armless L-Shape Sectional Sofa, 2 Side Tables, and Coffee Table. Also pictured: The Desi Wool Area Rug.

If you have the luxury of space, an extended 3-seater sofa or sectional sofa would be a great option to fill up the negative space in the room.

Maximising your room layout with tables

Strategic use of tables in your living room can enhance the overall layout, functionality, and aesthetics of the space. Tables create a well-organised and visually appealing space - but different tables can provide more benefits than others.

Let’s explore some table options that might work for different scenarios.

Coffee tables

No living room is complete without a coffee table.

Coffee tables often serve as a central focal point in the living room layout. They are placed in the centre of the seating area not only as a design piece, but as a functional space for placing drinks, books, remotes, and decorative items.

A coffee table with slabbed legs and lap joint details.

The Mori Coffee Table features slabbed legs and an exposed lap joint.

Ensure that your coffee table blends harmoniously with other furniture to create a cohesive look. The Mori Coffee Table with slabbed legs and lap joint detailing goes perfectly with the sofas to bring out the laid-back yet luxurious aesthetic.

Side tables

Side tables are often designed to complement the aesthetic of your sofa or seating area. They are also ideal for smaller living rooms or spaces where a larger coffee table may overwhelm the area. They provide a convenient surface for placing items like drinks, snacks, or decorative accents.

A c-side table with a glass and bottle of water.

The Mori Side Table is pieced together perfectly beside the Mori Armless L-Shape Sectional Sofa.

With modular sofa components like in the Mori collection, side tables can be strategically placed on the armless sides of these units to maximise their functionality without cluttering the room.

C-side tables

C-side tables are designed to be tucked into the sofa or seating area. This positioning allows you to have a table within easy reach, making it convenient for activities like working on a laptop, reading, or enjoying a meal while watching TV.

A c-side table with a glass and bottle of water.

The Mori C-Side Table can be tucked into sofas to create a functional surface space.

These tables are also typically taller than standard side tables, making them suitable as a temporary workspace, a spot for snacks, or a place to rest your book or tablet.

Choosing the perfect colour and style combination

When choosing living room sets, it’s important to ensure that the colour and style of the pieces work together. Consider the overall design style and mood that you’re aiming for in the room to help you choose the most ideal furniture.

For example, if you’re going for a minimal, post-modern interior design, pair a white-washed table with a beige sofa, such as the Auburn Performance Bouclé Sofa in Chalk. For a chic Parisian aesthetic, pair the same sofa with a black table to create contrast.

A right-facing chaise sectional sofa with a black coffee table.

The Auburn Performance Chaise Sectional Sofa paired with the Sloane Rectangular Coffee Table.

The Auburn sofa also comes in Basalt, which is a light grey. Pairing this colour with a dark wood tone like walnut wood can help to balance out the softer features of this collection.

Introduce concealed storage solutions

Having extra storage space is always a plus. It keeps items hidden and reduces clutter, which is especially important in a space where you entertain guests.

It’s even better if the storage solution is concealed, to provide a more seamless look in the living room.

For example, the Auburn collection features rectangular and wedged storage consoles that can easily fit between sofa units and doubles up as a side table. Wedge consoles work well with curved configurations, such as a curved 3-seater sofa. The rectangular storage console can serve as a side table if placed beside or in between sofa units.

A modular curved sofa and 2 wedged storage consoles.

The Auburn Performance Bouclé Curve Sofa with 2 Wedge Storage Consoles. Also pictured: The Auburn Performance Bouclé Ottoman and Solange Performance Bouclé Chair.

Assess your storage needs and available space to determine the number of consoles to add to your sofa combination.

Blending small and large ottomans seamlessly

Ottomans are great pieces of furniture that complement your sofa without compromising on valuable space.

Smaller ottomans are space-efficient and work well in smaller living rooms or apartments where space is limited. They provide a comfortable place to rest your feet without taking up too much floor space.

An ottoman with wooden slabbed legs.

The Mori Performance Fabric Side Ottoman. Also pictured: The Mori C-Side Table.

Larger ottomans offer more surface area and can comfortably seat multiple people or be used as extensions to create unique sofa combinations. If you frequently entertain guests or have a family that enjoys gathering in the living room, a large ottoman can serve as a casual seating option, allowing everyone to sit together and chat.

While living room sets offer many advantages, it's essential to consider your specific requirements and design preferences before making a purchase. By following these tips and recommendations, you'll be well on your way to designing a space that reflects your unique personality and meets your lifestyle needs. Explore the endless possibilities the Mori and Auburn collections offer and transform your living room into a haven of comfort and style.

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