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All You Need to Know About The Jonathan Collection

Castlery|Jun 25, 2024

The Jonathan Collection stands as a testament to modern design and functionality. Offering a blend of minimalist aesthetics and modular flexibility, this collection is one of our most popular sofa collections.

With materials like performance fabric and leather options to choose from, along with the sofa’s modular options, this collection is a standout choice if you’re looking to elevate your living space.

In this guide, we'll delve into every facet of this collection from its design elements, material choice, and practical benefits that make it a good fit for your home.

Highlights of the Jonathan Sofa Collection

Here are some highlights of the Jonathan Collection: 

  • The Jonathan Sofas are modular pieces, allowing you to freely combine and arrange the sofa based on your layout and preferences

  • There are three sofa material options you can choose from - leather, fabric, and performance fabric

  • Jonathan has deep seats that envelope you in comfort 

  • The sofas feature a boxy and low-profile silhouette that provides a sense of stability 

  • The sofa fits into mid-century modern aesthetics but also gels well into minimal and modern contemporary

The Jonathan Collection: A breakdown


The Jonathan Sofa offers three distinct material options, each catering to different aesthetics, preferences, and lifestyles.


For the leather option, we use top-grain leather that is pigmented and sourced from the US. This type of leather has been treated to enhance its durability, colour consistency, and resistance to wear and tear. The leather is also lightly embossed and hand-rubbed with a two-tone effect, giving it a rich and sophisticated appearance.

With a thickness of 1.2 to 1.3mm, it provides a robust and luxurious feel, ensuring the sofa not only looks elegant but also stands the test of time.

The Jonathan Leather Sofa in Warm Taupe provides the perfect cool toned leather for @cara_lanelle’s home.

A person sitting on a brown leather sofa in a living room.
A leather sofa placed against a wall with a window.

@therealhannahsimone creates a vibrant space with the Jonathan Leather Extended Sofa in Caramel and a rustic area rug.


For those who prefer fabric, the Jonathan Sofa is available in two striking colours: Dark Granite, a greyish-black hue, and Zenith Blue. The fabric composition is a blend of polyester, cotton, and nylon, which combines the durability of polyester, the softness of cotton, and the resilience of nylon.

The combination of these materials results in a fabric that is both comfortable and durable, suitable for families or anyone seeking a practical yet stylish seating option.

The Jonathan Sofa in Zenith Blue creates a calm and cosy living room. Picture credits: @myshoesandacoffeetable

A blue fabric sofa placed against a wall in a living room with a leather footstool and a rectangular coffee table.
5 children sitting and playing on a black sofa.

The Jonathan Sofa in Dark Granite is a great option for busy households as it is relatively low-maintenance thanks to its dark colour. Picture credits: @senaenelson

Performance fabric

The performance fabric option is ideal for those who prioritise ease of maintenance without sacrificing style. Available in a creamy white colour, this fabric is both spill and stain-resistant, making it an excellent choice for busy households with children or pets

The fabric composition consists of 80% polyester and 20% acrylic, a blend designed to maximise durability and ease of cleaning. This makes the performance fabric a practical choice for high-traffic areas or for those who want to keep their sofa looking pristine with minimal effort. 

The creamy white hue adds a touch of elegance and brightness to any living space, while its practical properties ensure it remains a functional and attractive piece over time.

A person sitting on a chaise sectional sofa with a plate of food and a mug.

Freely enjoy your breakfast on the Jonathan Chaise Sectional Sofa with Ottoman because of its spill-resistance. Picture credits: @thehaciendabyronbay

Suspension and filling

Durability and comfort are further enhanced by the sofa’s sinuous spring suspension system. This type of suspension adds resilience to the seating, allowing the sofa to maintain its shape and support over time. 

The inclusion of pocket springs in the seat cushions provides a bouncy and supportive feel, preventing sagging and ensuring that the sofa retains its comfort and structure. This combination of sinuous springs and pocket springs offers a balanced seating experience that is both firm and plush.

The use of loose fibre in the seat and backrest cushions adds to the plush comfort of the Jonathan Sofa. These cushions conform to the body, providing soft, supportive seating that adapts to various sitting positions. 

Even @martinnmet’s dog wants to lie down on the Jonathan Chaise Sectional Sofa with Ottoman!

A small dog lying down on a black sofa.
A dog sleeping on a sofa.

We think it’s safe to say that this little puppy is thoroughly enjoying the Jonathan Sofa. Picture credits: @winnie.the.minigroodle


The Jonathan Sofa’s design epitomises modern elegance with its clean, straight lines and distinct boxy silhouette. One of the standout features of the Jonathan Sofa its boxy shape, which not only enhances its visual appeal but also creates a bold statement in any living room setting. This design approach gives the sofa a contemporary and minimal look that fits seamlessly into various interior styles. 

The sofa features deep seats, measuring about 62.9 cm in depth. This generous seating space is perfect for lounging, providing a sense of enveloping comfort - encouraging relaxation and extended periods of sitting. 

The flange seam detailing of the sofa not only elevates the design but also showcases the meticulous attention to detail. These seams outline the sofa, reinforcing its boxy silhouette and adding a touch of sophistication.

Additionally, its alligator clips keep the sofa units together and can easily be rearranged to fit your space.

A close-up of an alligator clip beneath a sofa unit.

Alligator helps to keep different sofa units together in place.

A close-up of flange seam detail on a sofa.

The flange seam detail on Jonathan is a small feature that makes a big impact on the overall design, reinforcing the boxy silhouette of the sofa.


The Jonathan Sofa is a model of versatility, designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of interior design styles. 

For mid-century modern homes, the leather option of the Jonathan Sofa is particularly appealing. The leather provides a rich, luxurious look that complements the warm wood tones and sleek designs typical of mid-century decor. 

The fabric options are ideal for minimal and modern contemporary spaces as they provide a sleek and understated look that aligns well with the clean, uncluttered ethos of modern design. The simple yet elegant design of the Jonathan Sofa in fabric makes it easy to pair with a variety of decor elements, from bold accent pieces to subtle, monochromatic schemes.

The Jonathan Side Chaise Sofa with Ottoman is a versatile piece that can fit into many different interior design styles. Picture credits: @nick.slater

A side chaise sofa placed in the corner of a living room.
A leather sofa in a living room with checkered wallpaper.

In traditional and mid-century modern aesthetics like @duvaldesignllc’s space, the Jonathan Leather Sofa fits right in.

Despite these specific associations, the Jonathan Sofa transcends strict style boundaries, making it a versatile piece that can adapt to numerous interior styles. The simplicity of its silhouette means it can serve as a quiet backdrop for bolder design elements or as a standout piece in a more subdued setting. 

Assortment, size, and seating capacity

One of the highlights of the Jonathan sofa collection is its modularity - allowing you to configure several different sofa variations to fit your layout, lifestyle, and preferences.

Let’s first take a look at the dimensions of Jonathan’s individual sofa units.

Sofa unit Dimensions Seating width Seating depth Seating height How to use
Left Arm SofaW114 x D100 x H70 cm88 cm63 cm41 cmTo be fitted at the left side (end) of the sofa
Right Arm SofaW114 x D100 x H70 cm88 cm63 cm41 cmTo be fitted at the right side (end) of the sofa
Armless SofaW88 x D100 x H70 cm88 cm63 cm41 cmTo be fitted as the middle seat(s) of a sofa
Corner SofaW100 x D100 x H70 cm60 cm60 cm41 cmTo be fitted at the corner of the sofa, allowing you to form an L-shape configuration
Left ChaiseW139 x D100 x H70 cm136 cm63 cm41 cmTo be fitted at the left side of the sofa as a chaise extension
Right ChaiseW139 x D100 x H70 cm136 cm63 cm41 cmTo be fitted at the right side of the sofa as a chaise extension
OttomanW93 x D78 x H38 cm88 cm78 cm38 cmTo be fitted in the middle of a configuration (to form a pit sofa), at each end of the sofa (to form an extension), or as a standalone piece

These sofa units come with alligator clips at the base of the sofa, so they can easily be fitted together to create a sofa that fits perfectly into your home. Here are some possible variations of how you can configure the Jonathan sofa:

Configuration Dimensions Seatable width Which Jonathan sofa unit you’ll need
3 Seater SofaW228 x D100 x H70 cm176 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Right Arm Sofa
Extended SofaW316 x D100 x H70 cm264 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Armless Sofa
1 x Right Arm Sofa
Left/Right Side Chaise SofaW253 x D100 x H70 cm224 cm

Left facing:
1 x Right Arm Sofa
1 x Left Chaise

Right facing:
1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Right Chaise

Extended Left/Right Side Chaise SofaW341 x D100 x H70 cm312 cm

Left facing:
1 x Right Arm Sofa
1 x Armless Sofa
1 x Left Chaise

Right facing:
1 x Right Arm Sofa
1 x Armless Sofa
1 x Right Chaise

L-Shape Sectional SofaW296 x D296 x H70 cm412 cm1 x Left Arm Sofa
1 x Right Arm Sofa
2 x Armless Sofas
1 x Corner Sofa
Chaise Sectional SofaW202/296 x D100/182 x H70 cm236 cm

Left facing:
1 x Left Arm Sofa
2 x Armless Sofas
1 x Corner Sofa

Right facing:
1 x Right Arm Sofa
2 x Armless Sofas
1 x Corner Sofa

Side Chaise SectionalW114/208 x D100/233 x H70 cm148/196 cm1 x Left/Right Arm Sofa
1 x Corner Sofa
1 x Left/Right Chaise
Extended Side Chaise Sectional SofaW202/296 x D100/233 x H70 cm236/196 cm1 x Left/Right Arm Sofa
1 x Armless Sofa
1 x Corner Sofa
1 x Left/Right Chaise
Armless 3-Seater SofaW176 x D100 x H70 cm176 cm2 x Armless Sofa

The possibilities are endless with the Jonathan sofa as you can customise the arrangement freely based on your space and preferences! Add on the Jonathan Ottoman to these configurations to create extended versions and extra seating space, or use the ottoman as a makeshift coffee table for smaller spaces

Maintenance and care

Proper maintenance and care are essential to keep the Jonathan Sofa looking its best and ensuring its longevity. 

Here are the general care tips we recommend for Jonathan:

  • Avoid sitting on the arms or frame of the sofa as this can affect the structural integrity of the sofa. 

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and keep sofa away from any heating source to prevent fading or discolouration.

  • Using a brush attachment, vacuum the sofa regularly to remove any dust particles.

  • Blot spills immediately and gently with a clean white cloth, even for the performance fabric material. Avoid rubbing the spill as this can cause it to spread.

For the leather sofa, here are some specific care tips to keep it looking its best:

  • Use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple — let dry before sitting.

  • Avoid placing sharp items on the sofa, such as keys or scissors.

  • A patina or slight sheen will develop on the surface of the sofa over time and is part of the normal wear and tear of leather that adds character to the sofa.


Depending on the sofa variations you plan to configure, this determines how many individual units are needed. The price of the Jonathan sofa starts from $1,598 for the fabric options, $1,698 for the performance fabric option, and $2,398 for the leather option. 

These prices are for the Jonathan 3-Seater Sofas, which consists of one left-arm and one right-arm sofa.

Purchasing them as predetermined sofa sets (i.e. L-shape sectional, extended sofa, etc) provides the convenience of having them fully assembled and ensures that you have well-balanced space.


This collection does not require any hands-on assembly as each predetermined configuration comes fully assembled when delivered. 

Assembly is only required if you purchase individual sofa units and decide to customise the configuration of the sofa on your own. But, rest assured that the assembly process is straightforward and manageable with the provided instructions and tools.

@b.y.haus pairs the Jonathan Armless Sofa with another floor recliner chair, creating the perfect cosy setup in the living room.

An armless sofa and a floor recliner in a living room.

Elevate your space with the Jonathan Collection

The Jonathan Collection is a prime example of modern furniture that doesn't compromise on comfort or quality. Its sleek design, high-quality materials, and modular flexibility make it a versatile choice for any home. Whether you're furnishing a spacious living room or a cosy apartment, the Jonathan Collection has something to offer.

Explore The Jonathan Collection

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