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The Best Solid Woods for Your Dining Table

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

As an integral part of any home, the dining table you pick will ideally withstand the stress of daily use over a prolonged period.

For that, you’ll want to go with a quality solid wood dining table that is durable, resilient and easy to care for.

Solid wood, especially hardwoods, are the go-to-choice for making furniture.

Denser than their softwood counterparts, hardwoods are as beautiful as they are hardy, and over time, will prove to be a worthwhile investment piece as they can last for decades.

With that said, not all woods are made equal and learning about the characteristics of different solid woods will be helpful in your search for a well-crafted modern wood dining table.

Pictured: Our Vincent dining table in a sleek mid-century modern style with Joshua chairs. Image credits: @y0rkfiles

What is solid wood?

To begin with, solid wood is essentially natural lumber with their natural characteristics retained. It’s wood, through and through. The strength of each piece of solid wood is derived from the tree it is cut from.

Pictured: Close-ups on our Vincent , Seb and Hudson dining tabletops.

As with all raw materials, the proper handling and treatment of them is required at the start. At Castlery, we’ve taken extra steps to ensure the quality and construction of our solid wood furniture:

  • A stable moisture content is maintained on our wood to minimize the probability of shrinkage or expansion.

  • Construction details like stabiliser grooves, slotted holes and proper joinery techniques are applied to greatly reduce the likelihood of cracks caused by wood movement.

What are the best solid woods for furniture?

Each solid wood is unique in its qualities like grain pattern, density, durability and overall look and style.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best ones for your solid wood dining table:

1. Walnut

Walnut wood is a dense and dark-coloured hardwood that has been used for centuries to manufacture quality furniture. Its strength and stability have been proven over time, with limited shrinkage and warping.

Appearance-wise, it’s a winner in our books too. Walnut wood offers a variety of tones, ranging from light chocolate to intense coffee. When clear-coated or oiled, it shows a natural and satiny grain that is effortlessly stunning.

Walnut also has a natural resistance to decay and humidity.

The satin-like finish of our Vincent dining table in solid walnut stands out with an understated elegance. Image credits: @clemmylim

2. Oak

Oak is a strong, light-coloured hardwood that is known for its open-wood grain markings. It is naturally very dense, which makes it highly resistant to mould and warping.

Because of its strength and beautiful grain pattern, oak is often used in solid wood furniture. Importantly, oak shrinkage is negligible, and it offers an enduring stability.

Oak is also popular due to its warm appearance that lends a cosy or rustic feel to any space.

If your home interior leans towards the bright Scandi-style, a dining table like our Vincent will suit the look.

Pictured: With its well-crafted full-length tabletop in oak, our Vincent dining table allows the natural strength and beauty of oak to shine through.

3. Mahogany

Considered as one of the more traditional wood used for furniture making, Mahogany has long been prized for its beauty, strength and resilience.

Appearance-wise, it has a reddish, seamless texture that darkens over time, giving it a timeless appeal.

4. Acacia

Beneath its fine finish and texture, acacia wood has a hard but flexible density. Thanks to this, it does not warp or crack easily.

Our Hudson dining collection is defined by a stunning 40mm thick acacia top supported by a brass metal frame.

Acacia is also often used for outdoor furniture due to its durability and water-resistant properties.

For busy households, a solid acacia wood dining table like our Hudson, Seb or Miles will meet your needs as they hold up well under heavy usage with minimal maintenance.

Pictured: Our Miles dining table in a rustic Scandi-style. Image credit: @sessandsassdesignco

5. Mindi

As a hardwood that is rich in texture and naturally resistant to decay and fungus, Mindi wood has been steadily gaining popularity due to its many winning properties.

Looks-wise, it has a pleasing grain pattern that makes it ideal to be used as furniture.

6. Mango

Mango wood has a density and strength comparable to oak and ash. It is water-resistant and does not wear down easily.

Visually, it has a lustrous golden-brown hue that, when stained, highlights the beauty of its uniquely dense grain patterns well.

For those with a preference for classy, timeless looks, mango wood furniture would especially appeal to you.

We hope this guide has made your search for a solid wood dining table a little easier. Every wood comes with its unique beauty and characteristics and there is much to admire.

Whether it is a dark or light wooden dining table, or in a rustic or modern style; we have plenty of choices at Castlery for a well-crafted solid wood dining table.

Shop our furniture selection of dining tables, benches, chairs and more.

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