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Mid-Century Modern: Why We Can’t Get Enough of This Furniture Style

Castlery   |   Jul 2, 2020

modern dining room with dining table, chairs, sideboard and lamp Image credit: @sprinkler.media and @zoebmarshall.

Since its style debut almost 70 years ago, mid-century modern furniture has always enjoyed unwavering popularity.

Often hailed as an iconic interior style, its notions of functionality and elegance are the main driving forces behind its timeless allure.

So, what is mid-century modern style?

Mid-century modern furniture designs are lauded for their sleek outlines and sculptural details with strong functionality.

Being ahead of its time since its conception in the 1940s, mid-century modern’s design sensibility emerged in response to the rapid expansion of cities and suburbanization after WWII in America.

The popular demand for housing meant limited space in homes, thus making clever and compact furniture designs necessary.

Today, the timeless and thoughtful design principles of the mid-century modern style continue to work its magic in many homes.

Here are more reasons why you’ll love mid-century designs for yours.

Classy looks that meet modern needs.

One of the major reasons mid-century modern remains popular is how well it marries the classy appeal of mid-century design and the lifestyle needs of modern living.

Mid-century modern leather armchair styled with an earthy jute rug With classic biscuit tufting and bolster cushions for comfort, the Madison Leather Armchair is an inviting piece that’s perfect for some quiet me-time.

The mid-century modern aesthetic also evolved to fit practical needs that come with living in a technological age.

Furniture like TV stands are updated with features like open niches for media consoles and other hardware upgrades, while keeping to other iconic aspects of the style.

modern wooden tv console in living room Pictured: The Seb TV console. With elegant splayed legs and a handsome wood finish, this mid-century modern TV stand retains its MCM charms while accommodating modern updates like open niches and metal handles.

Suitable for all occasions and functions.

The heart of mid-century modernism lies in functionality and flexibility. A good mid-century modern design can take you from everyday occasions to more formal events effortlessly.

Take our Vincent dining table and Wyatt chairs as examples. These well-rounded pieces will breeze you through dinner parties or casual brunches with their refined impressions.

Sporting gentle curves which are synonymous with the style, Vincent and Wyatt also allow freedom in movement as you mingle with family and friends in your dining space.

modern dining table, chairs and tableware in living room The Vincent Dining Table and Wyatt Chairs are distinguished by graceful contours for a child-friendly touch, and handsome wood textures of exceptional durability. Image credits: @matty_ef and @sarahmariemakeup.

Tapered legs are another hallmark of mid-century modern design sensibility. As it turns out, this iconic flair goes a long way in showing off as much floor space as possible for a spacious impression and is a well-loved aspect of the style.

modern sideboard in modern living room Besides angled pins, the low-profile stature of our Lily Sideboard also welcomes the presence of light and space in your home.

Lastly, you can’t talk about functionality without going into proportion and size.

With modern homes getting smaller by the minute, mid-century modern furniture, as seen in many urban apartments, has been proven to be scaled for compact spaces without sacrificing on usability.

Other furniture styles like contemporary and Scandinavian also reflect this trend towards well-scaled furniture to fit in the homes of today.

In the case of mid-century modern design, the attention to proportion is reflected through the clean-lined style profiles of the furniture.

a modern armchair next to a potted plant. The Wayne Armchair's slim bentwood slatted frame saves on precious square footage.

Comfort & luxury in a package.

There’s no easier way to add a touch of relaxed refinement to your home than taking the mid-century modern route.

What establishes the look as a polished and dreamy style is the combination of classy finishes and soft, organic materials.

Dark and warm wood textures are also common in mid-century modern homes, and they convey a refined and charming room aesthetic.

This well-coordinated mix of textures and finishes also allows mid-century designs to complement furniture pieces in a different style – like contemporary – without looking out of place.

modern bedroom with bed and side tables Pictured: The Hudson collection. Materializing a relaxed elegance comes easy with this dreamy mid-century modern bedroom set.

At Castlery, our collections – from mid-century modern styles to contemporary designs – have been designed for the urban home in mind.

From classic outlines with a modern twist, to luxe accents that give your home a polished edge, our extensive selection of sofas, beds, tables, storage and more; reflect the best of today’s trending interior styles including mid-century modern, contemporary and Scandinavian.

Tap into the style appeal of our wide range of furniture today.