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How to Keep Your Bed Warm in Winter

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

Is there a better place on earth to be than in your own bed? Nothing beats being all snug and cozy under your covers, either fast asleep or simply enjoying a lie-in. But, during the winter months, something might not be quite right – you’ve got your pyjamas on; you’re tucked in under the covers, but you just can’t get to the required temperature to really enjoy being in bed.

Something needs to be done, and thankfully there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy being warm in bed. Not all the following solutions are going to work for you, some for practical reasons and others simply out of preference. But the bottom line is, why suffer from being cold in the bedroom when you can be all cosy?

In the past, the obvious solution would have been to turn on the heating. But with the environment to think of, not to mention the cost of heating your home, it’s probably not a good idea to keep it on all night long. Plus, there are plenty of more economical ways of making sure you are comfortable in bed at night. Check out our top tips below for how to keep your bed warm in the winter.

The Sateen Collection has a slight sheen to it, reminding you of your favourite cosy hotel stay.

Electric blanket

Ok, we know that the electric blanket is something your grandparents used to use back in day, but the electric blanket has undergone something of a revival in recent years. This is in large part thanks to an improvement in technology and enhanced safety requirements. The electric blanket will plug into a socket in the wall and either pre-warm the bed before you get in it or can be left on all night at a lower temperature to make sure you remain nice and comfortable. Auto timer functions are common which means you can control when the blanket comes on and goes off so that you don’t overheat in bed.

As well as blankets, you can get heated mattress pads that warm from below rather than above.

Hot water bottle

The hot water bottle is another classic option that dates back centuries, but there is a reason the hot water bottle is still so popular: it works. Fill them with boiling water from the kettle just before bed and they can help to keep your bed warm for hours. Hot water bottles are great for keeping your feet warm at the far end of the bed but can also be great for snuggling up to for some extra heat in the bed.

Thicker covers

Duvets come in a huge range of thicknesses, measured using a system called tog ratings. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be. It’s a good idea to use a lower tog rating in the warmer summer months, swapping out for a hotter one during the winter. This will help to keep you nice and warm. Use thicker quilts filled with down or a synthetic down-substitute. Alternatively, add an additional layer of blankets.

Layering up traps more air and insulates better against the cold. An extra throw or blanket on top of the covers will add a very nice extra layer of insulation and trapped air to keep you warm, not to mention prevent warm air escaping from the sides and end of the bed.

Subtly-textured and paired with soft, breathable percale on the reverse side, the Waffle Quilt Cover brings warmth into your bedroom sanctuary.

Fleece or flannel bedding

Some materials are much better at keeping us warm than others, such as flannel or fleece. These fabrics are woven in a way that traps heat well, making it ideal for winter. In our range, Sateen traps more heat than Percale. It might be tempting to go for glamorous bedding materials such as Egyptian cotton or silk, and those can be luxurious in the warmer months, but when it’s cold, it’s all about staying warm.

Opt for soft touches in your bedroom to create elements of warmth. The Desi Wool Rug is an easy way to get started.

Create a warmer room

Making sure your bedroom is a warmer space can also be key to feeling warmer in bed. A bare room with no soft furnishings and curtains to prevent heat loss through windows, or other ways of trapping warm air all adds to the sense of cold. Use a high pile rug in the bedroom, especially one made of wool. Add cushions, curtains and other warming fabrics around the room to provide some insulation to the whole room while keeping your space cosy. You can even choose a fabric bed frame to ensure nothing cold touches you during the night.

For additional comfort and warmth during the cooler months, opt for a padded fabric headboard like the Lexi Tufted Bed.

How do I keep myself warm in bed?

Keeping warm in bed is key to enjoying a good and relaxing night sleep. In winter months this can be more difficult but there are lots of ways of staying warm, including extra layers, thicker duvets, and electric devices such as blankets and mattress toppers.

How can I heat my bed without an electric blanket?

You can add extra layers to your bed or choose a duvet with a higher tog rating. Both will help you to feel warmer in bed. An old-fashioned hot water bottle is another great way of staying warm in winter.

What should I use for bed in winter?

You can use the same bedroom set, but add warmth with a thicker duvet, more layers both under and on top of the covers, and a choice of other warming tools such as electric blankets or hot water bottles.

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