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5 Types of Furniture That Invite Spring into Your Home

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

After an unusually cold winter, spring has finally sprung back into our lives once more, bringing in a time of rebirth in the natural world. As the flowers and trees bask in the warm spring sun, and the birds return to sing evermore, why not mirror this rebirth of nature by freshening up your home and inviting spring in?

There are lots of small touches you can add around your home to do just that. One easy and obvious way is to bring some greenery and flowers inside. With plenty of trees in the garden and in bushes all around, it’s an affordable and quick way to reflect the lush greenery outdoors. Nothing says spring quite like fresh flowers, just be sure to keep them watered and change out when they’re passed their prime. On a more permanent basis, your furniture can also complement your bright florals with their calm, neutral tones. Let’s look at how some furniture can add some spring warmth to your home.

Soft with a neutral appearance, the Nova Cotton Rug makes styling an absolute breeze.

Change up the wall art

One of the easiest ways to give your home more of a spring vibe is with wall art. Paintings and pictures can be quickly and easily swapped out, either by hanging new frames and canvasses or by switching out the prints themselves. Spring prints can feature birds or other animals, as well as wildlife scenes, all using bright and bold colours. In fact, this is an easy way to keep your home up to date with the changing seasons throughout the year. Have a set of prints suitable for each season and you can always keep your home in harmony with the outside world.

The Tessa Cotton Rug's chevron pattern injects a touch of fun into any living space, perfect for welcoming Spring into your home.

Play with textures

As the grass gets lusher and new life erupts all around, the springtime is awash with new textures and tactile sensations. The coldness and hardness of winter is gone to be replaced by the softness and variation of spring. Reflect this in your home by switching to a soft cotton rug; our cotton rugs are thin and won’t trap heat and excess dust. Try adding a Tessa cotton rug or Nova Cotton Rug to your living space, or some soft cushions to your sofa. It’s all about adding layers of fabric with different textures and feels to increase your textile palette.

Made with quality Acacia wood and glass, the Miles Mirror would fit right at home in your stylish mid-century modern style living space.

Bring the sunshine in

Take down the heavy winter curtains and let in the sunshine! Light is an essential part of spring, and you can welcome in more natural light by increasing the size of window apertures through removing barriers but also by enhancing its shine using mirrors. A well-placed mirror can add a huge amount of light to any space, and bring in the natural greenery and colourful tones from outside.

Furniture that goes with a light, cozy home environment are those that complements the warm wooden tones, go for our Amber Boucle Swivel Chair to create a zen Japanese style, or soak in the sunshine outdoors on our Edith Cane Chair.

Material choices

Now that the weather is warmer, opt for materials like rattan or jute to create an airy and rustic vibe. For example, the Castlery Mico Rattan Armchair or the Mico Rattan Side Table. There is a large variety of rattan armchairs at Castlery, and this light material is perfect for the springtime, especially for sunrooms and conservatory spaces. Other lighter woods such as oak and pine are also more suitable for spring than darker tones such as mahogany and teak. Lighter wood tones like the Vincent Oak collection or Miles Collection also brighten up the space.

Add colour

It’s important to add colour, whether that’s through soft furnishings, artwork, or even fresh flowers. Spring is the one time of year when colour really counts.

Setting the right tone for Spring is the Vincent Dining Table, fronted by graceful curves and with a slim silhouette. Picture credit: @thenativespirit

How do I make my room feel like spring?

Spring is all about new beginnings reflecting the outside world. Add some colour, especially floral and green tones to reflect the rebirth of nature, but also through soft furnishings and artwork. Lighter tones for wood are also more in keeping with the spring feel.

How do I make my room more inviting?

If your space reflects what is going on outdoors, then it will naturally feel more inviting. Fill your room with colour and texture to mirror the natural world. Add plants and flowers and choose artwork that really fits the time of year.

What is the best way to welcome spring?

You can welcome spring into your home by making just a few changes; anything from adding colour and texture with plants and flowers, to using rattan and light oak furniture. Try to bring in lighter elements, either by making window spaces larger and removing curtains, or by bouncing light around using well placed mirrors.

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