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Sorrento vs Maui vs Sierra: What's The Difference?

Castlery   |   Mar 16, 2023

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cosy balcony, having the right outdoor furniture can make all the difference in creating an inviting and comfortable space.

In your search for outdoor furniture, you would have come across our collections: Sorrento, Maui, and Sierra. But, what are their differences and which should you pick for your home?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ll dive deeper into how these outdoor furniture collections compare. Let’s first take a look at each collection and how they can fit in your outdoor space!

The Sorrento outdoor collection

The Sorrento collection features modern pieces that would look great in any home. Sorrento’s boxy design combined with angular details create a unique design that instantly elevates your outdoor space.

The sofas, lounge chairs, and dining chairs boast an airy design with slim armrests and a slatted backrest​. The combination of wood tones, black aluminum frame, and beige cushions​ create a nice contrast that still looks minimalistic.

An outdoor sofa and coffee table is decorated with pillows, a throw, and a potted plant. The Sorrento Sofa and Coffee Table. Picture credits: @homewithharper

As for the coffee and dining tables, they have slatted resin wood tabletops that is water-resistant.

Furthermore, the Sorrento collection has several sofa units that allows you to setup various modular configurations - from L-shape extended sectionals to left-facing 2-seater sofas. This makes Sorrento a great choice if you regularly host large groups and have to accommodate many guests.

The Maui outdoor collection

The Maui collection consists of sleek designs with nature-inspired textures. Unlike Sorrento and Sierra, Maui’s base is made with Acacia wood, which is sturdy and durable.

A loveseat and 2 lounge chairs sit on a wooden deck outdoors. The Maui 2 Seater Sofa and Lounge Chairs in Taupe.

Its curved backrests and armrests boasts a sleek and elegant design; and the rope backing on the lounge chairs and loveseats are strung by hand, resulting in each lounge piece having a handcrafted touch.

Compared to Sorrento and Sierra, Maui has the smallest product range — with only a loveseat, lounge chairs, and a coffee table. Despite this, it is still one of our most popular outdoor collections to date.

The Sierra outdoor collection

The Sierra collection is a modern bohemian outdoor collection that also features nature-inspired textures. The lounge chairs, dining chairs, and sofas have a natural rattan weaving and an aluminum frame, similar to that of Sorrento.

The coffee and dining tables are also slatted and made with a resin wood tabletop, which is water-resistant.

A rattan sofa, lounge chair, and wooden coffee table are placed outdoors under the shade. The Sierra Extended L-Shape Sectional Sofa, Coffee Table, and Lounge Chair.

Sierra’s chairs and sofas have a seating depth of 60cm, making it the deepest seating outdoor lounge when compared to Sorrento (50.8 cm) and Maui (52 cm).

While Sierra doesn’t have nearly as many seating units compared to Sorrento, you still have many options to choose from to create the perfect space — a sectional sofa, a 3-seater sofa, an armless sofa, lounge chairs, and more.

Sorrento vs Maui vs Sierra: An overview

Here’s an overview of the main differences between these 3 outdoor collections:

Specifications Sorrento Maui Sierra
Frame Aluminium Aluminium frame with polypropylene rope Aluminium
Leg frame Aluminium Solid Acacia wood Aluminium
Suspension Webbing Webbing Webbing
Seat filling Foam Foam Foam and fibre
Back filling Foam Foam Foam
Cushion type Removable Removable Removable
Cover type Removable Removable Removable
Products in collection Sofas/Chairs:

- 3-seater sofa
- Sectional sofa
- L-shape sectional sofa
- Extended L-shape sectional sofa
- Right-facing 2-seater sofa
- Left-facing 2-seater sofa
- Corner sofa
- Armless sofa
- Lounge chair
- Dining chair


- Coffee table
- Dining table

- 2-seater sofa
- Lounge chair


- Coffee table

- 3-seater sofa
- Sectional sofa
- L-shape sectional sofa
- Extended L-shape sectional sofa
- Right-facing 2-seater sofa
- Armless sofa
- Lounge chair
- Dining chair


- Coffee table
- Dining table
Seating depth 50.8cm 52 - 56cm 60cm
Seating height 45.1cm 40.6cm 40cm
Back height 42cm 28.5cm 35cm
Table width Coffee table: 100.3cm
Dining table: 180cm
100cm Coffee table: 122cm
Dining table: 217.5cm
Cushion colours Oat beige - Charcoal
- Taupe
Oat beige
Style - Modern
- Minimal
- Modern
- Tropical
- Modern
- Minimal
Standout features - Removable seat cushions and covers
- Various configurations
- Low back height
- Removable seat cushions and covers
- Deep seats
- Removable seat cushions and covers
- Various configurations

Which should you pick?

These three outdoor collections have their own distinct features and styles, and would look great in any outdoor space. Now that you know how they compare, which should you pick?

The Sorrento and Sierra collections would both work well if you regularly host large groups and prefer to have the party outdoors. Both outdoor collections gel well with a modern or minimalistic theme and have several modular units you can choose from to create ample seating for your outdoor space. For example, with Sorrento’s right-facing, left-facing, armless, and corner sofas, you could create a large outdoor lounge with more than enough seating area that still fits into your space!

If you intend to go for a more cosy outdoor lounging experience with your guests, Sierra would be the better of the two. Its deeper seats and lower back height provide more cushy seating so you can kick your feet up and enjoy a cold drink.

Maui will be ideal if you’re going for a modern tropical theme in your home. The natural elements of the collection like the Acacia wood base and rope backing would gel well with your other wood decor, especially if you choose the colours in Taupe. Its deep seats will also give you the perfect lounging experience in your outdoor space.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the differences between the three outdoor collections and narrowed down your choice.

How do I clean my outdoor furniture?

With regular maintenance, outdoor furniture are relatively to clean. Whether the material of your pieces are teak, metal, plastic, or rattan, always use a gentle cleaning solution (it can be homemade too!), a soft brush or cloth, and rinse with water. Never use harsh chemicals or a pressure washer on furniture.

Recommended read: How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

How do you clean outdoor fabric?

Fortunately, our outdoor cushions have removable covers that can be washed in the machine. Wash them regularly at the start and end of the outdoor season to keep them looking their best.

Recommended read: How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

How do you remove mildew from outdoor furniture?

A scrub with warm soapy water or specialist mildew removable product will help. Try to avoid using a cloth that is too abrasive on metal, buy wooden furniture that could benefit from a light sand before protective coatings are applied.

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