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Why you should Consider Leather Furniture in Your Home

Castlery   |   Sep 23, 2022

Any retro furniture fan would know the hold that leather furniture has on the classic vintage revival scene. Leather is a timeless representation of chic elegance in homes, a perfect match for warm, wood-themed homes that give off a flair of romance and comfort. Even homes that are post-modern contemporary styled, dark, cool-toned leather are a must have to complete the sleek, dark aesthetic.

A leather sofa centralized in a mid-century modern home paired with an abstract designer coffee table Bring out your living room’s mid-century modern charm by matching its wooden or neutral tones with the Isaac Leather Sofa Set.

In recent years, mid-century modern interior and furniture styles are once again surfacing back into popularity; and a key icon in this theme are leather furniture. Due to this, leather is again gaining popularity as a timeless and classic style icon for mid-century modern homes for the hip families. However, is leather truly worth the hype and popularity especially for its cost? Here are 3 reasons why leather is worth the investment in your home.

Timeless Durability

Timeless is used to describe not only because of its easy to match aesthetic ability, but also for their durability and ability to withstand the test of time. Leather is mostly weather resistant and resistant to scratches and stains, being able to maintain its shine and colour throughout decades. This is the case even for dark coloured leather, such as black and dark brown. This characteristic of leather is no wonder why even vintage leather can still match modern furniture with ease.

A leather armchair in a zen-styled living room balcony with floor-length windows Fulfil your visions of a zen-styled minimalist home with the easy-to-pair Madison Leather Armchair. Picture credit: @linseywoods.home

Leather would be best paired with any solid wood furniture, which is also known for durability and its natural sources. Our solid wood Miles TV unit serves as a perfect partner to the Mateo Leather Sofa, setting the scene from a romantic vintage flick. For smaller families, a leather armchair can be a good replacement for a large sofa, and offers all the same comfort and durability, and frees up more space in the room for accessories such as rugs and lamps that suit the interior aesthetic.

Comfortable Softness

Despite its taut and firm appearance, leather is actually very soft to the touch. Being the softest and deepest sofa in our collections by far, the Mateo Leather Sofa invites you to sink in with your loved ones and enjoy quality time together by the fireplace. Explore your creativity when pairing Mateo, especially with uniquely shaped furniture such as the Tait Pouf to capture anyone’s attention when entering the home.

A long leather sofa in the children’s playroom of a modern home @ourpnw_home maximises the plush softness of her Mateo Leather Sofa by pairing it with the Lorenzo Wool Area Rug in her children's playroom — perfect for lounging with friends and snacks.

To add depth to the room, include the Lorenzo Wool Area Rug as a contrasting color to the natural tones of Mateo. This is especially ideal for those after a cottage-core aesthetic.

High Hygiene Level

Aside from being scratch and stain resistant, leather is also easy to clean and hypoallergenic. For those unable to opt for fabric or fuzzier furniture, leather is an optimal choice due its smooth surface material. Being easy to clean, leather is perfect for those who are unable to be home constantly but still want a comfortable place to relax on when returning home after a long day.

How do I clean my leather furniture?

Leather is easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe off any stains or botches immediately, and wipe down with a dry cloth every few weeks to ensure no dust buildup.

What leather furniture is best for my home?

While leather is versatile and easy to match, warm light leather is best paired with homes that have many wooden or warm toned furniture, and similarly, cooler toned dark leather fits perfectly in an environment with darker and sleeker sharper designer furniture or home decor.

How long does leather usually last?

Leather is one of the most durable and timeless materials, and can last for decades if protected and maintained properly, with many leather furniture being passed from parent to child.