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What Type of Sofa Bed is Most Comfortable?

Castlery   |   Nov 13, 2021

Living rooms are typically where the family spends a lot of time together binging on favourite TV shows or simply just catching up with each other. As such, it’s important that the space has a warm and welcoming touch. Adding a sofa bed would do just that, while lending style and flexibility to the room. Sofa beds also provide you a comfortable bed for friends and family to use when they come to stay – and a fantastic sofa to enjoy when you don’t have visitors in the house, making them one of the most versatile living room furnishings around.

Young couple playing Scrabble on a chaise sectional sofa Make the most out of the Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa like @sovehome does by sprawling out in comfort.

Ideally, you want your sofa bed to be comfortable and inviting both when it’s set up as a bed and when it’s a sofa. This means choosing a piece that’s specifically designed with the user in mind.

To help you choose the furnishing that’s perfect for your interior, we’re taking a closer look at sofa beds to find out which offers maximum comfort.

What are the different types of sofa bed?

Sofa beds come in a wide range styles and sizes. In their most straightforward form, they are simply sofas that are large enough to accommodate one adult lying down.

In general, 3 seater sofas and large modular sofas make the best simple sofa beds. All you need to do is equip your sofa with a sheet, pillows and a duvet and your impromptu sleepover is ready to go. If your sofa cushion is nice and soft, this can be an easy and efficient option.

Minimalist and low-profile sofa styled with white cushions To make the most out of your living space, let Todd work its modular magic for you. Image credits: @lindseymeehandesigns.

Alternatively, you can opt for a purpose designed sofa bed. These come in three main designs that we’ll call fold out, fold up and fold down.

Fold out sofa beds

Fold out sofa beds have a mattress and bedframe folded into the base of the sofa itself. To open them up, you have to life up the sofa cushions and then unfurl the mattress and frame underneath. This will create a handy double bed. Often, you’ll need to lock legs into place to ensure the bed is secure and ready to be slept on.

Fold up sofa beds

Fold up sofa beds have a hidden section of sofa underneath the main part of the furnishing. To prepare the bed for your visitor, all you need to do is pull this section out and up and your double bed will be ready.

This type of sofa bed is most common with an L-shaped sofa layout. A lot of the time, the shorter length of the ‘L’ is turned into hidden storage, giving you somewhere to store your spare bedding.

Fold down sofa beds

Fold down sofa beds are arguably the most comfortable sofa bed design. When they’re not set up as a bed, these stylish furnishings look just like normal 3 seater sofas. To get them ready for their occupant, simply fold the back of the sofa down flat and you’ve got an instant double.

The reason this type of sofa bed is particularly cosy is that very little extra engineering is required to make it work. This means you don’t have to compromise on the thickness of your cushions or put up with springs, bed frames and mattresses where they shouldn’t be. If you’re looking for a comfortable sofa bed for daily use, this could well be your best option.

How comfortable are sofa beds?

As anyone who’s ever slept on one will know, sofa beds can vary hugely in their comfort and usability. If you’re going to use your sofa bed on a regular basis, it’s well worth investing in a piece that’s designed with comfort in mind.

If you’ve decided to get a fold down sofa bed, you’ll be sleeping on the back and seat of the sofa, so make sure you choose a furnishing that’s generously upholstered and doesn’t have any hard bits of wood or metal protruding from the frame. Because nothing is hidden away in these types of sofa beds, it’s generally fairly easy to tell if they’re going to be comfortable.

If you’ve opted for a fold out or fold up design, it can be a little harder to know if your furnishing is going to be comfortable either as a sofa, or a sofa bed. If your new sofa has a separate mattress, you can boost comfort by investing in a new comfortable sofa bed mattress to go on top of the existing frame.

Modern two seater sofa in a cosy living room Tight on space? A 2-seater sofa can be just as cosy. Image credits: @mia.interiors.

A fantastic way to improve the usability of your living room, a comfortable sofa bed can make your interior work for you. Find out more by exploring our collection of sofa beds today.

Can a sofa bed be as comfortable as a bed?

If you invest in a good quality sofa bed, there’s no reason at all that your sofa bed can’t be as comfortable as a standard double. Sofa beds with thick, generous mattresses and easy-to-use mechanisms are generally best if you’re planning on having a lot of guests to stay.

Can you sleep on a sofa every night?

If your home is a little bijou, swapping your bed for a sofa bed can free up valuable floor space and give your interior a little more flexibility. If you’re planning on sleeping on your sofa bed every night, investing in a quality furnishing is even more important. Look for a fold down sofa bed with thick, luxurious cushions that will support your back and offer a fantastic night’s sleep.

What makes a sofa bed comfortable?

Thick mattresses and soft, sumptuous cushions are generally the most important factors when it comes to comfort. If your existing sofa bed isn’t quite up to scratch, you could invest in a mattress topper to boost comfort and make your sofa bed that little bit more indulgent.