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Everything You Need to Know About The Dalton Bed

Castlery|Feb 22, 2024

With more emphasis placed on creating a relaxing bedroom to unwind, finding the perfect bed is more important than ever. It not only has to be comfortable, but stylish and functional at the same time.

If you’re looking for an all-rounded bed to create a cozy bedroom, the Dalton Bed will be the perfect addition.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper and explore everything you need to know about the Dalton Collection, from its design intricacies and materials to its features and benefits.

Highlights of the Dalton Bed:

Here’s a TLDR of the Dalton Bed:

  • The Dalton Bed comes in two variations - one with built-in 3-drawer storage and one standard bed

  • The design features a tall wingback headboard that gives a cocooning and luxurious feel

  • There are subtle curves along the silhouette of the bed frame which elevates the otherwise boxy design

  • The Dalton Bed has a closed base which gives a grounding effect

  • While it fits into contemporary interiors, Dalton can also work well in modern farmhouse designs

The Dalton Bed: A breakdown


The Dalton Bed is fully upholstered in fabric which is composed of 93% polyester and 7% linen. Polyester is known for its high durability and resistance to wear and tear, and gains additional strength when blended with linen - a natural fiber.

The upholstery is composed of linen and polyester.

The bed frame is made from both engineered wood and plywood, which is a strategic choice that combines the strengths of each material to create a durable and stable bed. The storage bed includes metal tubes in the frame so the structural integrity is not compromised even with drawers.

The bed’s side legs are made from plastic, while the middle legs are made from solid wood to provide sturdy support when sleeping.

The bed slats are made from plywood, which is a commonly used material because of its strength, durability, and flexibility. The choice of plywood slats provides firm support for your mattress, preventing it from losing its shape over time.

The bed slats are made from plywood to provide firm support. Also pictured: The Odessa Jute Area Rug.


At first glance, the Dalton Bed captivates with its clean lines and sleek silhouette. The bed's minimalist charm contributes to its versatility, allowing it to complement various interior styles effortlessly.

The bed boasts a sleek silhouette and clean lines. Picture credits: @allnewvintage

Both the standard and storage beds have a tall, wingback headboard that provides a cocooning effect and gives a luxurious hotel-like feel. Aside from the luxurious aesthetics, the upholstered headboard provides functional comfort and makes it easy to match with your existing furniture.

The curved edges on the bed frame help soften its overall silhouette, adding a sense of fluidity and creating an inviting and harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom. The combination of straight lines and subtle curves achieves a balanced aesthetic that appeals to those who appreciate both modern and classic design elements.

The curved edges help to soften the overall silhouette of the otherwise boxy beds.

The Dalton Storage Bed provides discreet storage for keeping your bedroom organized. There are three built-in drawers, two on each side of the bed and one at the foot of the bed. The side drawers have a maximum capacity of 15kg each, and the larger drawer has a capacity of 20kg. This gives you ample space to store bulky items like extra bedding and clothes.

There are also rollers at the base of these drawers to facilitate opening and closing, and magnets on the side drawers to secure them in place.


While the Dalton beds exude a modern look that fits well into contemporary interior designs, the bed is extremely versatile and works well in various other interiors.

Whether you’re into the modern farmhouse bedroom or a Scandinavian look, the neutral-colored upholstery and sleek design allow you to easily integrate it into your existing style.

For example, pairing the bed with wooden furniture and natural fibers like rattan can give you a rustic look. On the other hand, pairing it with leather pieces can exude a mid-century modern vibe in the bedroom.

@frameiteasy seamlessly incorporates the Dalton Bed into a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Size and dimensions

The Dalton bed comes in two sizes you can choose from - queen and king sizes. You can also choose between two variations of the bed, the standard bed and one with storage compartments.

The Dalton Storage Bed provides ample storage space to keep things uncluttered and out of sight. Picture credits: @my.blessed.home

Let’s take a look at the dimensions of the beds in detail:

Type Standard bed Standard bed Storage bed Storage bed
Size QueenKingQueenKing
Standard dimensions W66.1" x D89.8" x H47.2"W82.7" x D89.8" x H47.2" Bed: W66.1" x D89.8" x H47.2";
Small Drawer: W28.3" x D26" x H7.1";
Large Drawer: W55.1" x D26" x H7.1"
Bed: W82.7" x D89.8" x H47.2";
Small Drawer: 28.3" x 26" x 7.1”;
Large Drawer: 71.7" x 26" x 7.1"
Mattress space W60.6" x D81.1" with 1.2" mattress insetW77.2" x D81.1" with 1.2" mattress insetW60.6" x D81.1" with 1.2" mattress insetW77.2" x D81.1" with 1.2" mattress inset
Recommended mattress thickness 7.9" - 13.8"7.9" - 13.8" 7.9" - 13.8" 7.9" - 13.8"
Slat-to-slat distance No more than 3"No more than 3" No more than 3" No more than 3"
Leg height 0.8"0.8" 0.8" 0.8"
Bed slat height 12.2"12.2" 12.2" 12.2"
Product weight 159.8 lbs179.5 lbsBed Frame: 159.8 lbs;
Drawers: 119 lbs
Bed Frame: 210.5 lbs;
Drawers: 143.3 lbs

The size and variation of the Dalton Bed you choose will depend on your needs, lifestyle, and the size of your bedroom. If you have the luxury of more space but want to maintain a clutter-free bedroom, the storage bed option in king size would be a great option. For smaller bedrooms, a queen-sized bed would be more than sufficient.

Recommended read: A Comprehensive Guide to Bed Sizes & Mattress Dimensions

Maintenance and care

Because the Dalton beds are fully upholstered in fabric, cleaning the bed is a breeze. An occasional wipe-down and vacuuming can keep the bed frame in pristine condition.

The Dalton beds are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Picture credits: @zahraa_hberro

Here are some pointers to take note of when it comes to maintenance and care:

  • When moving the bed, lift it at the base instead of dragging it

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and keep furniture away from any heating source to prevent fading or discoloration

  • Regularly vacuum using a brush attachment to remove dust and loose debris

  • Blot spills immediately and gently with a clean white cloth

  • Avoid placing rough or sharp objects on the surface

Pricing and bundles

The Dalton bed costs $1,199 for the standard bed and $1,599 for the storage bed.

You can also opt for a bedroom set that comes with nightstands to create a more cohesive look in the bedroom. These sets start from $1,819, and you can choose between the Harper Side Tables or the Seb Bedroom Storage to go with the Dalton Bed.

The Harper Side Table blends seamlessly with the Dalton Bed. Picture credits: @jordanyeattshome


The Dalton Beds require some hands-on assembly that requires at least two people to minimize potential damage to the product or injury during assembly. Fret not, an assembly manual is provided with your bed order that you can refer to anytime.

If that’s not your thing, consider opting for our White Glove service at checkout - we'll deliver the bed to your room of choice and put it together for you in no time!


Nothing beats reviews and testimonials from real customers who have purchased the Dalton Bed. Let’s dive into some customer reviews of the Dalton Bed that offer insights beyond product descriptions.

We've even gotten a seal of approval from an interior designer!

The Dalton Bed emerges as an addition to your bedroom, marrying aesthetics with functionality to create a versatile centerpiece. With a perfect balance of form and practicality, the Dalton Bed transcends design trends, ensuring enduring elegance and comfort in your bedroom.

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