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Expert Guide to Creating A Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

The modern farmhouse style encapsulates the timeless charm of rural living while seamlessly blending it with modern design sensibilities.

If you're yearning for a bedroom that exudes comfort, simplicity, and a touch of nostalgia, look no further than the rustic charm of the modern farmhouse design.

In this guide, Adrika, our interior stylist, will walk you through her expert tips and decor choices to help you craft a stunning modern farmhouse bedroom that feels both inviting and stylish.

For Adrika, no two homes are ever the same. With clients’ narratives always at the forefront, it’s her passion to help bring spaces to life! With a wealth of design knowledge built up over the last 8 years in the Interior Design industry, Adrika has styled thousands of homes - between Australia and Singapore!

7 ways to achieve a modern farmhouse bedroom

Opt for a wooden bed

“As your bed is the focal point of your room, opt for a wooden bed frame to emphasize the modern farmhouse look,” says Adrika.

The Seb Bed and Seb Nightstand feature solid acacia wood in a honey tone. @crystalanninteriors

As the modern farmhouse interior design favors wooden elements - like wooden beams, panels, and flooring, a wooden bed emphasizes the authenticity of the space and complements the rest of the wood tones. Wood also has a natural warmth that can instantly make your bedroom feel cozier and more inviting.

Adrika recommends wooden nightstands to tie the look together and create balance.

Layer cozy textiles and linens

Layer your bed with soft, luxurious textiles and linens. Think about incorporating cozy knit blankets, plaid or gingham patterned throws, and crisp white bedding. Mixing textures and patterns add depth and interest to your bedroom, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

If your bedroom includes upholstered furniture, like a bench or armchair, consider adding cushions or throw pillows in coordinating fabrics. This creates a unified look and encourages relaxation.

Use a jute rug

“A jute rug is a wonderful choice for a modern farmhouse bedroom as it aligns well with the rustic and natural elements often found in this design style,” says Adrika.

@ellisandhale uses the Lilou Jute Area Rug to anchor the space in the bedroom. Also pictured: The Dalton Storage Bed.

Jute rugs are made from natural fibers, which aligns with natural aesthetic of a modern farmhouse bedroom. The texture and earthy tones of jute can add warmth and a sense of coziness to the space.

Stick to a neutral color palette

A cornerstone of modern farmhouse design is a neutral color palette. Opt for soft, muted tones such as whites, creams, grays, and earthy shades. These colors create a serene and soothing atmosphere, allowing other design elements to shine while maintaining a cozy ambiance.

Keeping a neutral palette ensures a cozy ambiance.

“Keep your color scheme predominantly neutral, but don’t forget to balance the space with pops of color like black and navy,” she mentions.

Create a gallery wall

Make your modern farmhouse bedroom uniquely yours by incorporating personal touches like a gallery wall of family photos or mementos.

“As the modern farmhouse aesthetic places importance on family-friendly spaces, displaying photographs of your family and friends is a great way to celebrate little moments with them,” says Adrika.

Incorporate vintage accents

Hunt for vintage or antique decor to infuse your bedroom with character. Consider using an old wooden ladder as a decorative display or a vintage trunk as a stylish storage solution.

“If possible, get a barn door as your en-suite bathroom door for that true farmhouse look!” says Adrika.

Hang chandeliers or pendant lights

“A key element of the modern farmhouse is exposed lightbulbs. They give off a rustic and cozy aesthetic that’s perfect for the bedroom.”

Use a chandelier or pendant light as a focal point in the room. Hang it above the bed to create a captivating visual element that draws attention and adds a touch of grandeur.

@simplymodernliving uses pendant lights on both sides of the bed. Pictured: The Seb Bed and Seb Nightstands.

Adrika recommends looking for light fixtures that incorporate natural materials like wood or woven rattan for that rustic feel of a farmhouse. Wrought iron or metal are also great options.

Creating a modern farmhouse bedroom is a delightful journey of blending classic comfort with contemporary style. By following the design principles and tips listed above, you can create a space that embodies the essence of both rustic charm and modern elegance.

If you need more help transforming your bedroom into a cozy modern farmhouse, try out Castlery’s room designer tool to help you visualize the room of your dreams!

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