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How To Style Your Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

In recent years, the mid-century modern aesthetic has made a real comeback. Now more popular than ever, it combines the best in good design, high quality craftsmanship and eye-catching style. So, it’s no surprise that more and more of us are choosing this retro theme for our interiors.

If you’ve chosen a mid-century modern look for your bedroom, adding a few finishing touches will really help to make it sing. Here are a few of our favorite design ideas to get you started.

Choose a Simple Colour Palette

Mid-century modern design is known for its use of neutral colours like beige, gray, and white. So, try to keep your tones clean and simple.

Bring your interior to life by adding a few pops of colour with bright, bold accessories. You could use a rich teal accent chair, an antique gold sofa or, if your space isn’t large enough for extra furnishings, a colourful bedsheet, rug or piece of wall art.

It’s also a good idea to stick to natural materials like wood. Beautifully crafted wooden furnishings are a mainstay of this timeless design style, so try to choose pieces that have a timber finish.

Another benefit of wood is that it brings a natural warmth to a space. This makes it perfect for use in the bedroom, a place that should be warm, welcoming and homely.

Think Geometrically

The Emery Bed Set incorporates strong clean lines and a dark timber colour for a vintage yet modern look

A lot of mid-century modern design incorporates elements of geometry. Whether that’s hexagons, triangles, diagonals or circles, strong, clean lines can add a lot to a mid-century modern look. You’ll often see armchairs with sharply angled arms or legs, wooden bed frames with fluted feet and dressers with geometric handles.

You can emphasize the geometry of your furnishings with accessories that reflect their lines. If you have a chaise sofa with elegant, fluted feet in your bedroom, look for a vase, lamp or bed frame that echoes the angle. Pairing pieces with similar lines will also help you to make the most of your theme and tie your interior together.

Light it Up

Statement lighting is a big part of mid-century modern design. A lot of rooms designed in this style will have a feature floor lamp, a ceiling light hung low over a seating area or carefully chosen table lights dotted around the space. In most cases, this lighting will be an integral part of the interior scheme and will ensure the space looks fantastic when the sun goes down.

Make sure your lights aren’t too bright and have a warm bulb instead of a bright white one. This will give your bedroom a welcoming feel and help you to relax at the end of a busy day.

Add Some Retro Accessories

The Lorenzo Area Rug looks great in any mid-century modern living room, but can also lend its retro flair to a bedroom setting

You can bring your mid-century modern interior to life, and make your space even more unique, by investing in a few retro accessories. Think vintage alarm clock, record player, period lamp or vintage wall art. These pieces will help to make your bedroom look even more authentic and allow you to stamp your personality on the space.

Retro rugs are another great option for styling mid-century modern bedroom spaces. Placing a vintage, or vintage-inspired, rug at the end of your bed will help you to bring colour, pattern and texture into the space, and give you somewhere warm and cozy to put your feet when your alarm goes off in the morning.

Visit your local second-hand market to see if you can find some period treasures or have a look online to source something special.

Think Eclectic

A lot of people opt for a bedroom set when choosing furniture for their interior. Sets give you the chance to purchase a selection of matching pieces, all designed to work perfectly together. This is a great option if you want your bedroom to be cohesive and coordinated.

However, if you’ve chosen a mid-century modern theme for your room, you could go a little more eclectic. While some pieces, like your nightstands for example, should match, the rest of your furnishings could be totally unique. As long as they’re all designed in a mid-century modern style, they should look great together.

Mixing and matching your furnishings and accessories is a great way to personalize your space. So, why not start browsing a few different collections to find the pieces that really speak to you?

Go Green

House plants should be part of every interior design scheme. Stylish, affordable and beautiful, plants will brighten up your décor, purify your air and add a natural touch to your bedroom look.

If you want to make a real impact, choose large plants in big, statement pots. Cheese plants, rubber plants and snake plants are all tough, eye-catching and, importantly, hard to kill.

Another option is to place a row of smaller pots on your shelf, windowsill or dresser. You could even create a green wall by placing a series of plants on a set of wall shelves. Make sure you put plates or dishes under each plant to protect the surface beneath from water damage.

Now you’ve got a little design inspiration, it’s time to start putting your look together. Take a look through our beautiful mid-century modern collections and create the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

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