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5 Dining Room Tips to Wow Guests this Thanksgiving

Castlery   |   Oct 21, 2022

One of the most anticipated festivities in Fall (aside from Halloween) would be Thanksgiving. There are many things to be thankful for each year, and we can aim to reflect that in our lives not only during thanksgiving day itself. Being able to come home to your family and have a meal on the table should be celebrated daily and not acknowledged only during this season. However, it has to be recognized that indeed not many families find the time to truly get together as a whole until the holiday season due to work or study commitments. In this case, why not make use of this chance to surprise your family this year by one-upping your thanksgiving last year?

Always have an outdoors option

While most prefer to have Thanksgiving dinner indoors, Fall provides a picturesque view of the changing seasons. Surprise your family this year with thanksgiving dinner outdoors. Place your outdoor dining table on your patio and enjoy some roast turkey in the cool fall breeze. Look for an outdoor dining table made of weather resistant material and durable enough to withstand the cold air and occasional rain. The Rio Teak Dining Table is made to withstand the outdoor elements, and big enough to accommodate the whole family.

A wooden dining table with matching dining chairs in an outdoor yard prepped for dinner @styleitprettyhome ensures a cozy dinner for friends and family in her outdoor yard with the Sorrento Dining Table Set.

For those who stay in apartments but want to partake in outdoor dining, the balcony is a great option. As the balcony is still sheltered, you have the option of furniture that are semi-outdoors or fully outdoors. For a full dining experience, the Sorrento Dining Table is suitable for all families, otherwise, an extendable table such as the Seb Extendable Dining Table can be adjusted to fit up to 8 people when hosting bigger dinner parties. The Mico Rattan Coffee Table can be a great outdoor furniture piece to hold food and wine when lounging on the balcony.

Lounge and dine

While the highlight of every thanksgiving is the dinner event, who’s to say you can’t have a cheeky appetizer before dinner? Grabbing some light appetizer during family bonding can also be a way to pass time while waiting for the turkey to be fully cooked. Some ideas for sharing plates include mini canapes, a light cheese plate, or other charcuterie boards. These dishes are small enough to whet your appetite, but just enough to not fill you up. Serve these delicacies on your coffee table around the living room, such as the Jaxon Round Coffee Table.

White chairs surround a white round able in a lounge beside a floor-length window Theo’s white glass top and walnut conical base make a charming setup for your loved ones to gather around for drinks and conversations. Picture credit: @home.and.spirit

If coffee tables are still too low for you, consider smaller Dining Tables such as the Theo Dining Table that still provides the height and foot space you need to be comfortable, but not overtly big and makes you stressed to cook more than you need. (Remember to not waste food!)

A well-prepared dining room

The main event of the Thanksgiving holiday is undoubtedly thanksgiving dinner, and no dinner is successful without ample preparation. Aside from preparing the ingredients ahead of time, a well furnished dining room is essential. One of the quintessential furniture in the dining room is of course the dining table, and finding one that is easy to clean and durable is the key. The Seb Dining Table is made of solid acacia wood that is strong and durable, and its polished wooden surface ensures it is easy to clean after a big dinner. Being one of the stronger wood materials in the market makes it resistant to scratches and makes it an ideal table especially when turkey carving is involved.

An extendable wood dining table with matching bench being prepared for a family dinner in the dining room We all know the more the merrier, so make your next Thanksgiving dinner a comfortable one with ample space for everyone - just like how @keepingitklinger has with the Seb Extendable Dining Table and Seb Bench.

For those with extended families visiting for the holidays, consider the Seb Extendable Dining Table that can expand to fit all of your relatives when needed. After Thanksgiving, the table can be retracted back to its original size for your own small family use. Aside from the essential dining table, Seb also has dining chair collections to match its table and make a perfect set. Wooden furniture is also the best fit with any tone of color, you will find that light colored wood tables such as the Miles Extendable Dining Table can also fit in a Fall setting despite its lighter shade. For a more mid-century modern style, the Gavin Extendable Dining Table’s geometric designs combined with its natural wooden surface fits well in such a home.

Unconventional Fall colors

Thanksgiving falls during Fall, a fitting time to bring out those warm or neutral toned tablecloths and plates. Fall is often associated with warmer tones such as orange, reds or blacks, but you can also surprise others with more unconventional colors such as green, blue and brown! The lighter tones bring out the brighter oranges and browns and as a dining table, makes stains easier to notice and clean immediately. Aside from that, Miles is also extendable and suits families of all sizes.

A teal velvet sofa bed on rug against a floor length window and a wooden coffee table with storage The Nathan Velvet Sofa Bed lets you easily wind down after hosting your friends and family with its versatility and comfort. Pair it with Aziza’s bold prints and Seb’s rustic finish.

The sofa can be your trick to bringing in unconventional fall, and the Nathan Velvet Sofa Bed in teal especially is a treat for the senses with its soft texture and striking color. Being a sofa bed as well, Nathan can accommodate the family when lounging after a big meal, or when anyone wants to stay over for more bonding time after thanksgiving. Contrast it with a cozy-looking coffee table that doubles up to provide storage in the living room, like how the Seb Coffee Table can.

Upgrade your table-setting

Aside from food and crockery, there should always be space left on the dining table for other forms of accessories. One way of making the table-setting pleasing to the eye is to match all your silverware with the rest of the crockery in terms of patterns and style, and also with the rest of the house furniture as well. If your silverware is a little more vintage, pair them with some similar candleware and a more plain tablecloth to bring out their designs and shine. Conversely, if your silverware is more simple and minimalistic, you can consider more colors and designs on your plates or tablecloth.

A table runner can also be considered as extra decoration if you only have a plain tablecloth, and can be used as the backdrop for the centerpiece.

What are some essential dining room furniture?

Essential dining room furniture include dining tables and dining chairs. Though for bigger family gatherings it would be wise to opt for extendable dining tables, so you have the option to expand it for the family and retract it when everyone heads back home after.

How can I clean up quickly after Thanksgiving dinner?

The fastest way to clean up a big dinner is to clean up during the big dinner itself and prevent any stains from forming. Lighter colored tables and tablecloth can help you detect and remove stains immediately, and otherwise, get the whole family to join in cleaning up if they want to.