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Celebrating the Holidays Your Way

Castlery   |   Dec 8, 2021

Fireplace crackling. Mulled wine and platters of cookies perched on the coffee table. Friends and family gathered close. Festive decor displayed all throughout the home. These are the little things that make the holiday season homely and cozy.

A cozy living room with lit candles and holiday decor Extend warmth and coziness to your living room with the Jonathan Sofa.

If you’re hosting the festivities at home this year, we’ve got some ideas on how you can make it a special season for all to enjoy. The most wonderful time of the year is about to get even better with a sprinkling of traditions – some old and some new. Ready to bring the party home?

All hands on deck

This time of the year can often be hectic, but there’s no reason fun can’t be on the agenda. Get the whole family involved in party prep and take the opportunity to bond – be it through activities like crafting a DIY festive wreath on the front door, decorating the gingerbread cookies, or choosing which ornaments to display on the Christmas tree.

Wrapping holiday gifts on a modern coffee table The Andre Coffee Table features panels that swivel out to reveal ample storage space.

When it comes to gifts, we all agree it’s the thought that matters most, but who can deny that a beautifully wrapped present definitely adds on to the festive touch? To take it up a notch this season, turn gift wrapping into a little family competition – winner of the best wrapped gift gets to pick their favorite dessert. Ready? Get set, grab your wrapping materials, and take the contest to the coffee table!

Coffee table with cheese platter and two people clinking glasses Transform your living room into a space for casual, cozy gatherings.

Truly a workhorse that does it all, the coffee table is your go-to footrest while watching TV, a snack station when guests come around, and even a fuss-free spot to wrap gifts. Low to the ground with easy-to-reach storage for craft materials, the right coffee table opens a world of possibilities in your living room.

Keep it casual

Low-key, casual parties are just as enjoyable as large-scaled ones, if not more. Bring the warm, cozy feelings of the festive season into your living room with a simple set up of snacks put out on the coffee table. This creates a nice nook within the heartbeat of your home for loved ones to gather around. Plus when the mid-day munchies hit, the snacks are already in front of the sofa that you’re lounging on.

Holiday tablescape with turkey and other side dishes Get ready to be crowned host of the year with the stunning Lily Dining Table.

Planning holiday meals can easily be one of the most daunting aspects of holiday hosting. This year, instead of preparing an entire meal from your kitchen, how about hosting a potluck dinner or ordering from your favorite restaurant? Whatever the food options, be sure that your dining table accommodates everyone comfortably.

If space is a tight pinch, a classic round table will do the trick. No need to “pass the salt, please” when the condiments are all easy to reach for. Alternatively, an extendable table is always a good addition to the dining room, offering the flexibility to be compact or spacious, whatever the occasion calls for.

Put a twist on it

There are multiple ways of enjoying the festivities with your nearest and dearest, regardless of the size of your home, or whether you’ve got family scattered across the country. One of the simplest, tried-and-tested tricks is to stay connected via a video call.

Woman performing music on a video call Gather your group around the living room and get the party started.

Set up your base camp wherever you’re most comfortable at – the dining table, around the coffee table, or even snuggled up in bed. All you need is your laptop and some snacks (it's the holidays, after all!). After spending some time catching up with everyone, you can even play host to a virtual talent show where guests can recite a poem they love, strum the chorus of the latest Taylor Swift song they’ve been practicing on their guitar, or a magic trick that will leave the audience mesmerized.

Unwrapping gifts at the foot of the bed Open-based bed frames are not only made for easy cleaning, they’re also a great hiding spot for surprise gifts.

Virtual entertainment aside, the final moment of the video call is also the perfect time to unbox some gifts together. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as watching a smile spread across your loved one’s face. And since it is the season to reflect on love, a great way to end the night is by sharing your favorite moments of the holidays. This little activity definitely goes a long way in strengthening the bonds between you and your loved ones.

A bowl of popcorn perched on a cozy bed The Adams Bed is our favorite place to wind down for the night.

As the evening comes to an end and the gift wrappers are strewn all over the ground, how about a final hurrah before turning in for the night? Turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary – complete the experience by dimming the lights, getting comfy in snuggle-worthy PJs, and of course, some snacks and a nightcap (we can never say no to caramel popcorn and mulled wine!). Fluff up some pillows, prop yourself up on the padded headboard and stream a rom-com on the TV.

When the holidays come around next year, you already have what it takes to plan for a fuss-free season that always has room for warmth and love.