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Seb vs Vincent vs Miles: Which Dining Table is Better?

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

As a place where you gather with friends and family to have meals and conversations, a dining table is an essential piece of furniture in every dining room.

In your search for a dining table, you would have come across our mid-century modern collections: Seb, Vincent, and Miles dining tables. But, what are their differences and which should you pick for your home?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ll dive deeper into how these dining tables compare. Let’s first take a look at each collection and how they can fit in your home!

Seb Dining Table

The Seb Dining Table is a mid-century modern piece that fits well into any home. The wooden dining table features slim table legs and curved corners to offset the boxy-shaped body. The muted honey-tone lacquer makes for a cosy and warm space for your meals.

The Seb Dining Table fits well into any home. Picture credits: @accordingtomandy

The Seb dining table also comes in two sizes: 150cm and 180cm. Additionally, Seb has two extendable dining tables to give you more flexibility to host guests without worrying about a cramped dining space. The first extendable dining table extends up to 200cm, which sits 6 people comfortably. The 2nd option extends up to 240cm and seats 8 people comfortably.

Vincent Dining Table

The Vincent Dining Table is another piece that’s great for mid-century modern homes. Its smooth surface and rounded edges create a soft silhouette, and the sweeping curved legs exude a sense of elegance and strength.

The Vincent Dining Table in Walnut alongside matching Joshua Chairs.

While the table comes in two sizes, 150cm and 180cm, it is not extendable (like Seb and Miles). There are two material options to choose from, each giving off a different vibe. The walnut wood creates a cosy and warm style, while oak gives a bright and airy look.

Miles Dining Table

Lastly, the Miles Dining Table has a modern farmhouse design and is made from solid acacia wood. What makes this piece unique compared to the previous 2 on the list is the metal crossbar with an antique bronze finish for better support. To create the signature rustic and farmhouse aesthetic, it has a white-washed lacquer, adding a charming flair to the space.

The Miles Dining Table in white-washed acacia wood gives off a farmhouse aesthetic. Also pictured: The Miles Chair and Miles Bench.

Just like the previous 2, the dining table comes in 2 sizes - 150cm and 180cm. There’s also an option to choose the Miles Extendable Dining Table if you’re the type who entertains guests often and need additional space occasionally. It extends up to 200cm, which can fit 6 people comfortably.

Seb vs Vincent vs Miles: An overview

Here’s an overview of the main differences between these 3 dining tables:

MaterialSolid walnut wood- Solid walnut wood - Solid oakAcacia wood
FinishClear lacquerClear lacquer White washed lacquer and a wire-brushed finish
Sizes- 150 cm
- 180 cm
- Extendable up to 200 cm
- Extendable up to 240 cm
- 150 cm
- 180 cm
- 150 cm
- 180 cm
- Extendable up to 200 cm
Tabletop thickness4 cm2 cm4 cm
Leg height71 cm73 cm71 cm
Legroom 65 cm73 cm52 cm
Seating capacity4 to 10 people4 to 6 people4 to 6 people
Products in collection- Seb Bench
- Seb Chair
Vincent Chair- Miles Bench
- Miles Chair
StyleMid-century modernMid-century modern - Modern farmhouse
- Rustic
Standout features- Large range of table sizes to choose from
- Large seating capacity
- Slim tabletop
- Tall leg height
- Large leg room
- White acacia wood gives off a rustic vibe
- Metal crossbar for support

Which should you pick?

Evidently, these 3 collections share similar traits and design styles but differ in distinct ways. So which dining table - Seb, Vincent, or Miles, should you pick for your dining room?

If you enjoy hosting gatherings, you could opt for Seb or Miles. Both dining tables have extendable options to choose from so you can accommodate larger groups and collapse the mechanism when it’s just one or two people. But if you’re into the farmhouse aesthetic, Miles will be a better choice compared to Seb.

If you have limited space in your dining area, Vincent would be a good choice. Vincent’s slim tabletop and silhouette work well in smaller spaces without overwhelming the space.

We hope this article has helped you understand the differences between the 3 dining tables and narrowed down your choice.

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