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How to Prepare Your Dining Room to Impress Your Family​

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

With Christmas and the soon to be new years approaching, you can expect the dining room to start getting busy! The dining room is not only a place for food, but also an optimal place for bonding. Nothing beats having a nice conversation with the rest of the family over dinner after a long day at work. In this fast paced society, it is difficult indeed to find time to really sit down with your family and really have a conversation consisting of more than a few sentences; luckily, the holiday family gathering season is fast approaching.

This holiday season, surprise your family with an upgrade in your home style, perhaps a more modern minimalistic look, or a rustic vintage style. Of course, changing up your entire home within a month or so may be quite a feat, so why not start from the dining room where the entire family will gather for dinner? Here are a few simple style tips to upgrade your dining room to impress your family.


Simplicity is a classic characteristic of many modern homes, and one of the homestyles that incorporates simplicity with design is the Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style of using neatness and simplicity to bring about a more polished and modern home appearance makes it a great choice. While there are many elements to a Scandi styled room, natural textures and materials are the essence of this style; such as climber plants, light and bright wood furniture, and wool or jute rugs.

@c.b._designs creates a simple yet stylish dining room experience by pairing the Vincent Dining Table with Joshua Chairs

Scandinavian dining rooms in particular focus on neutral lighter toned dining tables that bring out the brightness in the dining room and the food as well! For a more sophisticated touch in your dining room, consider lining the floor with a jute rug such as the Odessa Rug, with a darker shade that complements the lighter toned Oak Vincent Dining Table.


In light of minimalism, Japandi or Japan styled homes provide a more wooden minimalist style as compared to the Scandinavian style. While both make use of natural elements to bring out the simplicity in room design, Japandi places more focus on wood only, while Scandi makes use of multiple natural elements such as wool or jute. Although, just because wood is a primary focus, materials that also have a softer colour or tone such as jute or marble can be chosen as well if it suits your fancy. Marble is one such choice that is also easy to clean and being of a harder material than wood is less easy to scratch especially when using heavier tableware or kitchenware.

The Kelsey Marble Dining Table and Austen Chairs completing a Japanese-style living room

The Kelsey Marble Dining Table is one such example of a non-wood dining table fitting into the Japandi style due to its lighter toned shades that complement the softer toned wood used around the dining room. If you already have a marble dining table, you can also choose to style it with plants or vases that adds to the minimalist yet well-decorated feel.

Learn from @girlandtheword and surprise your family with the Miles Extendable Dining Table that can open up to accommodate large parties

For those with a bigger extended family, the Miles Extendable Dining Table is able to expand when needed to fit the whole family, but can be returned to its dainty size afterwards to ensure that space is maintained in the dining room as it should in a Japandi style.

Mid-century modern

For those who like a wooden aesthetic with the more dramatic aspect of darker wood, look to a more mid-century modern style. Mid-Century modern is a classic style that features the clean sleek lines of a furniture that adds on to its sophisticated feel. Unlike the previous 2 styles, Mid-century modern furniture style places less focus on material, though most pieces of this style do also incorporate wood and metal elements.

Take in the rustic yet modern vibes of a mid-century modern dining room with the Hudson Dining Table playing the key role

The Hudson Dining Table fulfills all the properties of a signature mid-century modern furniture with its symmetrical metal legs and clean cut wood pieces. To match the mid-century modern style, consider a centerpiece or runner across the table when dining, or a modern designer vase to add on to your dining room’s unique personality. Of course, a runner under the dining table can also be considered as an accent piece to the room, matching it with the style of the tablecloth or even cutlery to make for a pleasing aesthetic to the eye.

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