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A Guide to the Mid-century Modern Madison Leather Sofa

Castlery|Feb 22, 2024

Are you on the hunt for the perfect centerpiece that seamlessly blends timeless design with modern comfort?

Look no further than the Madison Leather Sofa from our range of sofas! This iconic piece encapsulates the essence of mid-century modern style while offering unparalleled quality and comfort for your living space.

Let's delve into what makes the Madison Leather Sofa a standout choice for those seeking both style and substance.

Highlights of the Madison Leather Sofa

Here’s a TLDR of the Madison Leather Sofa:

The Madison Leather Sofa: A breakdown

Leather composition

The Madison Leather Sofa is fully upholstered in American top grain leather. Top grain leather is derived from the top layer of the hide that has been sanded and buffed to remove imperfections, making it smoother and more uniform in texture.

The leather sofa is upholstered in top grain pigmented leather.

The pigmented leather finish adds an extra layer of protection to the leather, enhancing its resistance to wear and tear while maintaining its lustrous appearance over time. This finish also provides a uniform coloration, creating a sleek and polished look that exudes sophistication.

Through a delicate embossing process, the leather is lightly textured, adding depth and character to its surface. This subtle embossing, coupled with the hand-rubbed technique, creates a captivating two-tone effect that enriches the visual appeal of the sofa.

With a thickness ranging from 1.2 to 1.3 millimeters, the leather offers substantial strength to withstand daily use without compromising on comfort.

Sofa material

The Madison Leather Sofa features a multi-layer construction of foam, fiber, and pocket springs. This enhances comfort and durability, with foam providing cushioning, fiber adding loft and softness, and pocket springs preventing sagging over time as well as delivering targeted support.

To complement the seat cushions, the back cushions of the sofa are filled with fiber for a plush and luxurious feel. The fiber-filled back cushions retain their shape and loftiness, ensuring consistent comfort and a visually appealing silhouette for the sofa.

The sofa features a multi-layer construction of foam, fiber, and pocket springs. Picture credits: @thekweksabode

The sofa's sinuous spring suspension system further reinforces its durability and resilience. This suspension system distributes weight evenly and absorbs impact, preventing premature wear and tear while enhancing the sofa's longevity and performance.

The foundation of the Madison Leather Sofa is its sturdy frame, which is constructed from laminated veneer lumber (LVL) with plywood. This construction technique results in a strong and stable frame that withstands the rigors of daily use, ensuring durability and longevity for the sofa.

Madison’s sofa legs are crafted from solid rubber wood.

The sofa legs are crafted from solid rubber wood, a hardwood known for its durability and strength. To complement the rich tones of the leather upholstery and add richness to the wood, the legs are finished with a walnut stain that also ties in with the mid-century modern design element.


The Madison Leather Sofa pays homage to the iconic Chesterfield sofa with its clean silhouette and minimalist aesthetic.

The grid-tufted seat cushion design of Madison is a nod to the classic mid-century modern style. This distinctive feature, characterized by the symmetrical arrangement of buttons, adds depth and visual interest to the sofa's overall design. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a luxurious seating experience by evenly distributing the padding for optimal comfort.

The sofa features an open base, making it easy to clean. Picture credits: @margaret.wright

Another feature of the Madison sofa is the inclusion of armrest bolsters. This bolster serves both functional and aesthetic purposes - by providing additional support and comfort for resting arms and adding a touch of refinement to the sofa.

All cushions are removable to allow for easy cleaning. Furthermore, the bolster and back cushion covers can be removed for spot cleaning.

Meticulous piping detail can also be seen on the slim armrests of the Madison Leather Sofa. This accentuates the clean lines and silhouette of the sofa, further elevating the sofa's overall aesthetic appeal.

Meticulous detailing can be seen around the Madison Leather Sofa, which is a testament to the craftsmanship of the sofa.

The Madison Leather Sofa strikes the perfect balance between form and function, offering sumptuous cushioning and support with its deep seats (24 inches). Whether you're lounging with a good book or hosting guests for a cozy movie night, this sofa provides the ultimate relaxation experience.


The Madison Leather Sofa naturally aligns with mid-century modern interiors. Its clean lines, minimalist silhouettes, and grid-tufted seat cushions effortlessly capture the timeless allure of the era.

The sofa naturally leans towards a mid-century modern aesthetic with its iconic design. Picture credits: @ochre.home

Beyond its mid-century roots, the sofa seamlessly transitions into contemporary interiors characterized by minimalist design principles. Its understated silhouette and streamlined profile contribute a touch of refined elegance while maintaining a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

@homewithstefani keeps her home clean and minimal. Pictured: The Dawson Sofa with Ottoman and Madison Leather Sofa.

Madison can also find its place in modern farmhouse living rooms, adding a touch of rustic charm to the space. Pairing the sofa with rustic wooden accents and soft textiles can create a cozy, farmhouse-inspired aesthetic.

Madison also works well in modern farmhouse spaces. Picture credits: @theelementscabin

Size and seating capacity

There are two variations of the Madison Leather Sofa you can choose from - a 3-seater sofa and a chaise sectional sofa. The right sofa depends on the size of your living room and your lifestyle, among other factors.

Let’s take a look at each sofa dimension in detail:

Type 3-Seater Sofa Chaise Sectional Sofa
Standard dimensions W83.9" x D38.2" x H34.3"W100" x D37.8''/66.9" x H34.1"
Seatable width 73.6" 90.9"
Seating capacity Up to 3 people comfortably Up to 4 people comfortably
Seating depth 24" 24" / 53.1" (chaise)
Seating height 19.3”19.3”
Armrest height27.2" (Floor to arm)27.2" (Floor to arm)
Leg height 6.7" 6.7"
Backrest height 15.4”15.4”
Product weight 120.2 lbs169.8 lbs

The chaise sectional sofa variation offers ample seating space. Picture credits: @hues.living

The 3-seater sofa is great for smaller living rooms, while the chaise sectional is ideal if you often host guests or prefer more seating space. The leather sofa collection also features an additional leather ottoman, if you’re looking to kick your feet up or even use it as a makeshift coffee table.

Maintenance and care

While it's a natural leather sofa, remember how Madison has a pigmented leather finish? Pigmented leather is hard-wearing and offers greater resistance to stains, fading, and scratches, as compared to leather with other finishes. This makes it a good sofa for busy households with children and pets.

The pigmented finish on the Madison Leather Sofa offers greater resistance to everyday wear and tear.

That said, let’s take a look at some maintenance and care tips:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and keep the sofa away from any heating source to prevent fading or discoloration of the leather

  • Vacuum the sofa regularly using a brush attachment to remove any dust and loose debris

  • Blot spills immediately and gently with a clean white cloth

  • Use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple

  • Avoid placing sharp items on the sofa, like keys or scissors

Recommended read: How to Clean and Protect Your Leather Furniture

Pricing and bundles

The standalone 3-seater sofa variant of the Madison Leather Sofa is priced at $1,899, while the chaise sectional sofa is priced at $3,299.

For those seeking added comfort and seating capacity, the 3-seater sofa is available as a bundle with an ottoman, priced at $2,199. Similarly, the chaise sectional sofa is also available as a bundle with an ottoman, which costs $3,459.


The assembly of the Madison Leather Sofa is minimal, with the only component requiring assembly being the legs of the sofa. This streamlined assembly process ensures that you can enjoy your new sofa in no time, with minimal effort and inconvenience.

Fret not, included with the sofa are easy-to-follow assembly instructions that will guide you through each step of the process.

For those who prefer a hands-off approach to assembly, we offer a White Glove service option at checkout. This includes delivery to your room of choice and assembly of the sofa by professionals.


Nothing beats real customer reviews of the Madison Leather Sofa that offer insight beyond product descriptions. Let’s take a look at why our customers love this piece!

The Madison Leather Sofa isn't just a piece of furniture - it's a timeless investment in style, comfort, and quality craftsmanship. Whether you're drawn to its mid-century modern design or its unparalleled comfort, this sofa is sure to become the heart of your home.

So why wait? Elevate your living space with the Madison Leather Sofa and experience the perfect blend of style and comfort today.

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