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Re-inventing Outdoor Spaces at Home

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

After a long week of work and study, we often cannot wait for the weekend to take a well-deserved break from the hustle and grind. Many of us scramble to make plans for hiking, shopping, or just a quick catch-up at the new cafe downtown. Some days, our weary bodies may encourage us to stay home for a wind-down session. While most of us may remain indoors, there are other ways to enjoy the outdoors without stepping foot out of the apartment - for example, in the comfort of your own outdoor lounge. You may think that this experience is only reserved to homes with big patios or gardens, though in reality any home can enjoy this accessible comfort. Now, how are we able to do so without the luxury of a yard in our apartment homes? The answer is — balconies.

On her quaint outdoor balcony, a wire of lights illuminate @kristenmcgowan’s Sorrento Sofa and Coffee Table, perfect for an evening below the stars.

Balconies and patios can sometimes be neglected when considering furniture and decor, and seen as an empty space for activities, storage, or solely for gardening.

However, there are other ways to utilise the outdoor homespace without forgoing comfort or aesthetic. Here are some ideas to liven things up on your patio, balcony, or outdoor lounge area to bring the outside in.

Go big or go indoors

Try bringing out bigger furniture to your balcony or patio, and watch it transform the empty area. Exercise your creativity by trying out different ways of furniture arrangement; try a 45 degree angle instead of just leaning your sofas to the patio wall! Whether rain or shine, the weather resistant Maui 2-Seater in Charcoal provides a safe space for you to sit back and relax without worry.

Clock in some well-deserved rest on the patio with your partner on the Maui 2-Seater in Charcoal in charcoal.

For those hoping for a sofa that can accommodate the whole family, consider the Sorrento Sofa, that allows you to customise and connect the sofa parts together in any configuration you want. These sofas are easily taken apart and put together for use as separate sofas, ensuring enough space on your patio or balcony for rest and fun.

Bring out natural materials

When you think of the outdoors, you’d usually think of natural materials such as wood - often used for outdoors furniture. You might also relate outdoor or balcony furniture with strong durable wooden dining tables. Our Sorrento Dining Table is a bestseller amongst outdoor furniture lovers, for their mid-century modern design and versatile nature that complements any balcony design.

Outdoor dining tables can be considered for larger homes with gardens or yards, perfect for wining and dining while looking out at the garden scenery. Our Sorrento Dining Set is weather resistant and large enough to fit bigger families or host guests, especially during the more festive months! Also available in smaller dining room sets for smaller homes, Sorrento is a great choice for any balcony.

All the quaint and comfy

For those who like to garden or grow their own vegetables, large outdoor furniture may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to the little garden areas. In this case, you may wish to opt for smaller outdoor furniture such as lounge chairs or outdoor coffee tables. Not only can you rest on armchairs like the Mico Rattan Armchair after tending to your garden, you can also have a sip of coffee or tea by the Sorrento Coffee Table. The black metal of the table contrasts well with the light naturescape and sunlight, easily grabbing anyone’s attention.

Unwind on the soft and comfy Sorrento Sofa (or lounge chair if sharing isn’t your thing!) and have a drink by the Sorrento Coffee Table at your own time. Picture credit: @emilywelchstyle

Other home decor and accessories may also prove to be a valuable outdoor companion due to their durable materials, such as wooden side tables for your gardening tools. Some of our coffee tables are made of metal and are weather resistant, making them an exceptional choice for a relaxing day on the balcony.

Regardless of the intention or aesthetic, you will be sure to find your ideal outdoor furniture with Castlery.

How do I choose the right outdoor furniture for my home?

Do consider factors such as the size and dimension of the furniture and to work out if it will fit in your patio, balcony, or garden. Similarly, do take note of material specifications and location you’ll be placing them at. Our outdoor furniture is weather resistant and easy to clean, though we still recommend for them to be kept as dry as possible.

How do I clean my outdoor furniture?

The fabric materials can be stripped down and cleaned, while others such as specially treated rattan would require you to wipe down with a dry cloth occasionally to prevent dust buildup.

What are some essential simple outdoor furniture I can start with?

Depending on the size of your space, a 2-seater outdoor lounge sofa can be an asset to any outdoor homespace. To add on from that, other furniture such as wooden coffee tables and wooden side tables can be added to the area to complete the look.

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