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5 Potent Style Ideas For Your Next Furniture Spree

Castlery   |   Jul 17, 2019

After scanning through dozens of furniture mags and visiting countless stores, don’t you wish you had access to a list of guiding principles to help sift through the mountain of choices in front of you?

Well, now there is.

We’ve rounded up a list of impactful style tips to take your space to the next level! Remember to bring these along the next time you find yourself having trouble shopping for home furniture in Singapore!

Go Modular

Welcome to a new era to home styling – where versatility not only meets your changing needs but also enables you to switch up the look and feel of your crib!

Here’s where our modular sofas do their magic. An example is the Todd Collection – the ultimate sofa essential for any interior or layout. Packing plenty of style within its modern design lines, each one features modules that allow you to add, rearrange or remove – anytime you like!

living room furniture with light grey sofa, wooden coffee table, shelf and rug Pictured: Todd Modular Sofa Collection styled by @thelaank in a U-shape arrangement

We can’t forget comfort – the padded arm and backrests offer the right amount of support any coach potato needs.

Create a bespoke look by picking out specific modules to adapt to the size of your space and personal preferences, all the way tones down to the selection of custom fabric or velvet colours.

Balance Bold & Basic

Part of creating your dream home is using the best parts of your imagination. This means moving away from matchy-matchy, and letting your personality shine.

While basic neutrals are a necessity, too much of it lacks character. Add a splash of colour with an accent piece such as an armchair, ottoman or even a side table.

The simple silhouette of the Adams Armchair paired with a distinctive fabric and colour choice like Mocha in leather, makes for an interesting reading corner. Add plush cushions in a different colour or pattern to inject visual interest into your home décor .

armchair in living room with plant decor Pictured: Adams Armchair in Mocha

Still unsure? It is all about balance. Even choosing an unconventional velvet look for your sofa can be toned down.

The Alfie Sofa in Velvet is a great example of being subtle yet unique. The velvet fabric makes a style statement while the clean-lined profile tones down on the drama.

velvet sofa in living room with coffee table, rug and plant Pictured: Alfie Extended Sofa in Velvet

Whatever you settle on, look for custom fabric options to add your signature to your sofa.

Play with Geometry

Geometric patterns are a striking way to add visual appeal to any home.

A more playful manifestation of minimalism, geometric coffee tables such as the Cupid Coffee Table show just how puzzles can be a magical wonder – its cubic base utilizes inverted pyramids that double up as additional storage or display space.

light and airy living room furniture with sofa in black leather, geometric glass coffee table and white floor rug Pictured: Cupid Coffee Table, William Sofa Collection

The Mico Coffee Table will have you at hello – it’s all-natural, resort look will evoke a refreshing coastal style to your interior with its rounded form and airy woven details.

boho tropical chic living room furniture with scandinavian sofa, rattan and teak coffee table and jute rug Pictured: Mico Coffee Table, Mico Side Table, Capella Sofa

Made of a hardwearing combination of rattan and teak sustainably sourced, it features a removable table-top and generous storage compartment that can store away magazines, throws and even cushions

coastal boho living room furniture with rug and sofa and wooden floor Pictured: The Mico Coffee Table in @diyshelley’s home.

Seemingly “unimportant” pieces need not take a backseat in the home – décor pieces like the Teal Swirl Framed Canvas can be placed above a sideboard or bed, or used to add visual interest to blank spaces around the home.

contemporary abstract wall art with wooden sideboard and storage Pictured: Teal Swirl Framed Canvas, Seb Sideboard

Even the Aziza Rug with its Moroccan tribe patterns can be a surprising addition to a Scandinavian home, scoring high marks as a statement piece in itself.

Flaunt those Curves

Curvy furniture is set to make a shoo-in when it comes to beautiful, timeless furniture – its undeniably inviting shape is great for breaking up the harsh lines of conventional, structured pieces to bring a sense of fluidity and flow into the home.

Designed in collaboration with Krystian Kowalski, the Luna collection hits the perfect sweet spot with its flowing lines and opulent details. We can only envision being enveloped by its curves with a relaxing drink after a long day at work.

designer living room with sofa, ottoman and sideboard designed by polish designer krystian kowalski Pictured: Luna Sofa, Luna Sideboard

Another favourite is the Bickerton Sofa; designed by Marcel Sigel, this beauty is no doubt ahead of the curve! Its plush curvilinear arms and polished trimmings add an elegant and comforting presence to any interior, and balances out other angular furniture pieces.

grey sofa in living room with rug, standing lamp, potted plant and cushions Pictured: Bickerton Sofa

Add some Luxe

You don’t have to spend a fortune to assemble a Hollywood home. Simply look out for luxe textures or details such as leather, brass, marble or velvet!

Leather sofas are fast making a trendy comeback as they help to bounce light around a room and exude an instant sophistication. Our popular designs now comes in high-quality, top-grain leather, and are available in a range of classy hues such as saddle tan, mocha, vintage latte and more.

pastel living room with brown top-grain leather sofa in mocha, geometric glass coffee table and brass floor lamp Pictured: Adams Sofa Collection in Leather

Want something more subtle? Add some of these Brooks Leather poufs to your space!

Brass, marble or metals can be easily incorporated through lighting fixtures or with furniture essentials that feature these elements. Some designs like the Ines or Adams allow you to pick between silver, brass or black coated legs.

Last but not least, throw in a bunch of lush velvet cushions for a buttery-smooth cuddle.

assorted velvet cushions and throw pillows with pink velvet storage stool Have fun mixing and matching different cushion colours!

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of stunning furniture out there, but with these tips to help you scratch beneath the surface, choosing the right one is simply just a matter of time.

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