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5 Reasons to Get an Extendable Dining Table

Castlery|Feb 22, 2024

When buying a dining table, the key discerning factor is the size. How many people in your household will sit at the table at mealtimes? How much available space can you feasibly dedicate to your dining area?

Then, there is the question of entertainment. What if you have a four-person dining table for your household but some friends or family popped by for a meal? Of course, it might not be wise to get an oversized dining table just for these special occasions.

Luckily, your solution to these queries are just within reach - with an extendable dining table.

Below we will outline five top reasons why an extendable dining table might just be the best solution for your home.

Space saving

Depending on the space available for the dining table, whether in a dedicated dining room or part of a more open plan living arrangement, you might be restricted in terms of the size of your chosen dining tables. For example, if you have a smaller living room which also doubles up as your eating space, you’re unlikely to be able to choose a 10- or 12-seater.

For smaller spaces, a two or four-seater might be a better option for maximising the available space. But on those occasions when you are entertaining or need more dining space, an extendable table can add an extra two or four seats to your dining table. A shared use space can be transformed into a dining room, and simply changed back again after the meal by collapsing the extendable table. The collapsed size should be still useful for day-to-day use. This is the ideal common-sense solution for a space saving but practical dining space.

Pair the Seb Extendable Dining Table with Joshua chairs for an upbeat splash of colours, and consider including a dining bench for one side of your dining table. Picture credit: @jacquelynedna


As well as saving space, an extendable table also gives you greater flexibility in terms of your entertaining options. For example, a two- or four-seater table might be ideal for sit down meals but an extendable option also allows you to create a larger buffet space even if you don’t have enough dining chairs to accommodate more guests.

An extendable table can also serve as a workspace as part of a home office or a great space for when the kids are doing arts and crafts. An extendable table just gives you more options. Additionally, the overall construction of tables can also differ.

A factor to consider is if the chairs need to be tucked in as table heights may differ after expansion. For example, the Seb extendable dining table has a fixed legs position regardless of the tabletop length, whereas Gavin’s legs move outwards as the tabletop expands.

Durability and versatility

Extenders, like the Gavin extendable dining table are made to be very durable. The extendable parts are not just an afterthought but designed to be a genuine extension of space for use on a regular or daily basis. Mechanisms are rigorously tested to be strong and stable.

While there are different options of mechanism all our tables feature a butterfly mechanism, which is when the extension panel is folded underneath the collapsed tabletop. A well-built extender like those in our range will last just as long as a regular table, provided it is treated well and given the right amount of care and attention when required. Care tips for extendable dining tables include treating wood with suitable products, ensuring mechanisms are clean and in good working order, and that tables are always folded down correctly.

Gavin's walnut tabletop can be extended to accommodate more guests but is also perfect for smaller crowds when not. Gather your loved ones around the dining table with Carrie Chairs.

Material choice

Extendable dining tables are made from a huge choice of materials. While classic extenders were generally made from wood, with extra leaves tucked away under each end, modern designs incorporate a much wider range of materials, with varying mechanisms used to fold, slide or extend the table when required.

Modern designs, such as the Miles extendable dining table make it very easy and quick to extend the table, usually just taking a few seconds to add extra seating and table top space in any situation. And modern extenders can be made from wood, glass, metal, and plastic – or a combination of one or more – to look completely at home in any dining room or eating space.

Hold value

Sometimes when you buy a piece of furniture you know that it’s going to be forever. Other times it’s more of a stopgap item, works in a specific space, or simply doesn’t fit in a new property when you make the move. Then it’s time to try and sell your items and reinvest.

When it comes to extendable dining tables, because of all the reasons listed above, they are always in demand and a well-made extender will hold its value generally better than any other kind of table. Which makes an extendable dining table a great investment at any time.

For @jllivingspace, the Miles Extendable Dining Table with its matching chairs and bench double up as a workstation when not used for hosting get-togethers.

Should I buy an extendable dining table?

If you need a flexible dining table or a space saving option, then an extender might be a very good option. Extenders are easily expanded and collapsed as and when needed, giving you the much-needed extra table space when required.

How big is an extendable dining table?

There is no fixed size for an extender, but they tend to add either two or four more seating spaces to the existing size of the table.

Is an extendable dining table a good space saving option?

An extender is a real common-sense space saving solution, allowing you to transform even a small eating area into a great entertaining space when you need to, but easily collapsing down when you don’t need the tabletop.

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