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Giving Your Living Room a Makeover (Feat. LoneFox)

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

Is your living room in need of a fresh new look? Are you tired of the same old furniture and lackluster color scheme? Sounds like it’s time to give your living room a trendy makeover!

This article follows Drew Michael Scott, the founder behind the fast-growing YouTube channel LoneFox, as he revamps his living room and turns it into a stylish and inviting Lobby.

He shares tips and tricks on how he styles his living room using antique and thrifted pieces, alongside modern pieces from our furniture collections.

Mix a modern sofa with vintage elements

The main idea Drew went for in this makeover was mixing two different styles - modern and vintage. He decided to go with the Marlow Performance Bouclé Curve Sofa as the main piece of modern furniture that catches the eye and anchors the space.

The Marlow Performance Bouclé Curve Sofa. Picture credits: LoneFox

“Everyone that comes over is obsessed with this sofa and I am as well! I knew I had to have this because it kind of references a vintage silhouette but it has modern finishes which I love,” he shares.

Marlow is made using performance fabric, meaning that it is resistant to spills which makes maintenance much easier. The last thing on Drew’s mind when hosting guests is to be scrambling to clean up drink or food spills.

Furthermore, Marlow is a modular sofa that allows you to configure different seating arrangements to your liking - L-shaped, U-shaped, and even individual seating units. “Its modular feature is channeled and tufted so where it separates makes sense - which is so clever! The amount of ways you can configure this sofa is really what got me.”

The modern Marlow Performance Bouclé Curve Sofa among Drew’s vintage picks. Picture credits: LoneFox

He then creates a beautiful contrast with the ultramodern Marlow sofa by incorporating a thrifted vintage tapestry that he drapes on the wall. Furthermore, he adds another amazing find - an Egyptian marble table with blue hues propped up on an old planter.

“The blue of the coffee table really brings out the tones of the tapestry,” he adds. This helps to tie in the look of the seating area together, creating a well-balanced ensemble.

Create a home bar

What’s a trendy living room without a bar to welcome your guests with drinks? Drew creatively uses the Harper Sideboard as a makeshift bar station in his Lobby transformation and once again, mixes modern with vintage elements.

The Harper Sideboard. Picture credits: LoneFox

“I’ve been photographing all my products for my own website on top of Harper because the wood on this piece is stunning - the finish is so pretty and the color is amazing!”

Harper features sliding tambour doors that open to reveal ample storage space. Its oval silhouette also fits perfectly into the corner of Drew’s living room, where he hangs a mirror with a wire-brushed frame. He then decorates the with a tray with drinks and an ice bucket, all with classic accents and color tones.

He complements the rounded corner of Harper with a thrifted lamp from a flea market, as its round base fits perfectly at the end of the sideboard.

Elevate the space with an accent chair

Accent chairs not only provide extra seating space, but also serve as statement pieces that elevate the space and allow you to weave your personality in.

As a secondary focal point to the Marlow Performance Bouclé Curve Sofa, Drew decides to go with a leather armchair placed directly opposite the sofa.

He chooses to go with a leather armchair for that unmistakably classic look to bring out the vintage elements of the tapestry and coffee table. The honey-brown tone of the leather blends well with the similar shades in the space, which creates a cohesive seating area - yet adds a pop of color in contrast to the bouclé sofa.

Anchor with an area rug

To create a cozy vibe and add warmth to the living room, Drew decides to use an area rug in a neutral color with both warm and cool tones. This helps to balance out the colors in the room and doesn’t steal the spotlight away from the rest of the space.

The area rug has cool and warm tones to it. Picture credits: LoneFox

He places the Marlow sofa on top of the rug to help anchor the space and clearly designate the main seating area.

Heighten the room with curtains

“Curtains are visually impactful and can really change a space by heightening the ceilings,” Drew emphasizes. “It just draws your eye up it makes the room look larger.”

He hangs floor-to-ceiling curtains that are made of felt, which still allows for some light to pass through even when drawn. This ensures that the living room isn’t in complete darkness, which doesn’t exactly scream inviting.

The felt curtains are in a beautiful brown shade, which complements various elements in the living room - the rug, tapestry, and flooring. It also gels well with the overall vintage aesthetic that Drew is going for.

Drew has shown us that creating a trendy living room doesn’t have to be a challenge. By confidently following through with your ideas and creating a well-balanced space, you can transform any space into the room of your dreams. Now it’s time for you to work the magic in your own home!

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