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A Guide to the Joseph Bedroom Collection

Castlery|Apr 01, 2024

Nestled at the intersection of timeless design and modern luxury, the Joseph Collection is one of our bestselling bedroom collections. Featuring materials like walnut veneer, bouclé, and fabric upholstery, choose from sophisticated bedroom furniture to elevate your space.

In this guide, we'll delve into every facet of this collection from its design elements, material choice, and practical benefits that make it a good fit for your bedroom.

Highlights of the Joseph Collection

Here’s a breakdown of the Joseph Bedroom Collection:

The Joseph Collection: A breakdown


The main material used in the Joseph Collection is a blend of engineered wood with American walnut veneer. This combination offers the warmth and richness of walnut wood while leveraging the strength and stability of engineered wood.

A close-up shot of American walnut veneer.

The main material used in the Joseph Collection consists of American walnut veneer.

Supported by solid poplar slats, the mattress enjoys optimal support, enhancing comfort and prolonging its lifespan.

Adding to the versatility of the collection are three distinct headboard options. For those enamored with classic wood aesthetics, the engineered wood headboard with American walnut veneer provides a refined and understated allure.

Alternatively, padded headboards upholstered in bouclé or fabric offer a softer, more tactile experience. Bouclé indulges the senses with its plush texture, while fabric upholstery provides a versatile canvas for personal expression. No matter which headboard you choose, each option elevates the bed's visual appeal and contributes to a cozy atmosphere for relaxation.

Completing the ensemble with seamless elegance is the nightstand and dresser, fashioned from the same engineered wood and American walnut veneer as the bed frame. This consistency in material choice ensures a cohesive aesthetic throughout the bedroom space.

A bouclé headboard and a walnut veneer nightstand against a marble wall.

The Joseph Bouclé Bed and Joseph Nightstand. Picture credits: @senconcept.id

Solid beech handles offer a tactile contrast to the smooth veneer surface, inviting interaction and adding visual interest. Meanwhile, the inner drawer is crafted from durable plywood to accommodate bedside essentials with ease.


Drawing inspiration from simple geometric shapes, the Joseph Bedroom Collection embraces clean lines and angular forms to create a masculine yet refined aesthetic. The design exudes strength and confidence, while subtle detailing adds a touch of understated elegance.

Joseph bed frame

A standout feature of the Joseph Bed is its floating base design. By elevating the bed slightly off the ground, the floating base creates an illusion of space around the bed, making the room feel larger and more open.

This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal of the bed but also fosters a sense of tranquility and relaxation, transforming the bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort.

A walnut veneer bed frame with matching nightstands.

Coupled with the Joseph Nightstands and Bed, @monozann creates a cohesive look in the bedroom.

With a headboard height of 1 meter, the bed is suitable for a variety of room sizes. Whether you're furnishing a cozy apartment or a spacious master bedroom, the low-profile headboard ensures a seamless integration into any space. This allows for greater flexibility in room layout and decor, accommodating different aesthetic preferences and spatial constraints with ease.

A bed placed against a wall in a hybrid bedroom and home office.

With a low headboard, the bed doesn’t overwhelm @buildwith.ben’s room.

Joseph Nightstand

The Joseph Nightstand features a top drawer with a push-to-open mechanism, offering seamless access to bedside essentials with a gentle touch. This eliminates the need for traditional handles or knobs, maintaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

In contrast, the bottom drawer is adorned with a sleek pull handle, providing a convenient grip for smooth opening. Both drawers are equipped with a soft-closing feature, ensuring quiet and gentle closure, enhancing user experience while preserving the integrity of the piece.

A gray bedframe and walnut wood nightstand against a dark green wall.

@oa.kstudios creates an edgy and contemporary bedroom with a dark green wall and the Joseph Nightstand.

Despite its sleek profile, the Joseph Nightstand offers ample storage space to keep bedside essentials organized and within reach. The two drawers provide convenient storage for books, electronics, and other items, helping to maintain a clutter-free bedroom environment.

The generous storage capacity ensures functionality without compromising on style, making the nightstand both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Joseph Dressers

The Joseph Dressers come in two configurations: a 3-drawer option and a larger 6-drawer option. This versatility allows you to choose the perfect dresser to suit your storage needs and bedroom space.

Whether you require ample storage for a larger room or a more compact solution for a cozy space, the Joseph Dressers offer the ideal solution without compromising on style.

A 6-drawer dresser with one of its drawers opened to reveal a faux fur fabric.

The Joseph 6-Drawer Dresser provides ample space to maintain a tidy bedroom.

The drawers glide smoothly on sturdy ball bearing runners, making it effortless to access your items while maintaining a tidy and organized bedroom environment.


At its core, the Joseph Collection radiates mid-century modern charm, characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and a timeless appeal. This design infuses the bedroom space with a sense of retro elegance and understated sophistication.

But, the Joseph beds also work well with other interior design styles. For example, opting for the bouclé headboard instantly injects a trendy and contemporary vibe into the bedroom interior. This choice creates a statement piece that draws attention and serves as a focal point, elevating the overall aesthetic with its modern sensibility.

A bed with a bouclé headboard in a bedroom by a window.

@jaclynmeiqi creates a clean and minimalist bedroom with the Joseph Bouclé Bed.

For those seeking a lighter, more understated look, the ivory beige fabric option offers a subtle yet inviting ambiance. The light-colored fabric effortlessly blends into the room, enhancing the sense of space and openness, making it particularly well-suited for smaller-sized rooms.

A bed with crisp white bedsheets in a small bedroom.

The Joseph Bed can make a small room feel spacious. Picture credits: @bekhalliday

Conversely, the stone gray fabric option makes a bold statement, transforming the bed into the centerpiece of the bedroom. The dark-colored fabric adds depth and contrast, creating a striking visual focal point against light-colored walls. This choice infuses the space with a sense of drama and sophistication, lending a contemporary edge to the overall decor scheme.

A matching bed frame and nightstand.

The Joseph Nightstand is a great addition to @mamamilaau’s bedroom.

Size and dimensions

The Joseph Bed comes in two sizes to choose from, queen and king-sized bed frames. Let’s take a look at their dimensions in detail.

FeaturesJoseph Queen BedJoseph King Bed
Standard dimensionsW62.6" x D88" x H39.4"W82.7" x D88" x H41.1"
Recommended mattress thickness9.8"9.8"
Mattress space dimensionW60.6" x D81.1"W77.2" x D81.1"
Slat height8.8" 8.8"
Leg height4.7"4.7"

The nightstand and dressers offer plenty of storage space for your bedtime essentials and other items. Let’s take a look at their dimensions in greater detail:

FeaturesJoseph NightstandJoseph Dressers
Standard dimensionsW23.6" x D18.9" x H19.4"- 3-Drawer: W27.6" x D18.9" x H29.7"
- 6-Drawer: W54.4" x D18.9" x H29.7"
Drawer capacity2 x W21" x D12.6" x H6.6"- 3-Drawer: 1 x W26.9" x D12.6" x H6.6"; 2 x W26.9" x D12.6" x H8.3"
- 6-Drawer: 6 x W26.9" x D12.6" x H6.6"
Product weight57.3lbs- 3-Drawer: 117.9lbs
- 6-Drawer: 191.8lbs

Maintenance and care

Caring for the pieces in the Joseph Collection is fairly simple as it's made from a walnut veneer. Here are some tips when it comes to the maintenance and care of the Joseph Bed and Nightstand:

  • Use a soft and dry cloth when dusting the bed frame and nightstand

  • For deep cleans, use a damp cloth

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners and placing rough or sharp objects​ on the surface

  • Keep furniture away from direct heat or sunlight​ to prevent fading or discoloration

For the bouclé and fabric headboards, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Using a brush attachment, vacuum the fabric regularly to remove any dust particles

  • Blot spills immediately and gently with a clean white cloth

  • Avoid rubbing stains to prevent them from spreading

  • Professional cleaning is recommended for tougher stains

  • Avoid abrasive and harsh cleaners like bleach

Pricing and bundles

The pieces in the Joseph Collection can be bought individually or as a bedroom set. The beds are priced from $1,199 for the fabric and bouclé options, while the walnut veneer bed starts at $1,499.

The Joseph Bedroom Set, which comes with two Joseph Nightstands, starts at $2,197 for both fabric and bouclé, and $2,297 for the walnut veneer option.

The nightstands alone cost $499 per nightstand, and the dresser starts from $799.


The Joseph Collection has garnered praise from homeowners for its exceptional design and unparalleled comfort. Let's delve into some of the glowing reviews that highlight why the Joseph Bed is a favorite among customers:

A 5-star review on the Joseph King Size Bouclé Bed with two bedside tables.

A 5-star review on the Joseph Queen Size Bed in Ivory Beige

A 5-star review on the Joseph Queen Size Bouclé Bed

In the pursuit of creating a bedroom sanctuary that embodies both style and comfort, the Joseph Collection stands out as a beacon of excellence. This collection offers homeowners the opportunity to curate a bedroom space that is as unique as it is inviting.

Whether you're drawn to the warmth of walnut veneer or the plush texture of bouclé, discover how you can transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and sophistication.

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