Furnish easier in just a few taps.

Furnish easier in just a few taps.

It's now possible with our brand new, all-in-one shopping app,
powered by augmented reality (AR).

Visualize in real life.

Project, rotate and add multiple designs to see how they look in your space — all thanks to true-to-scale AR capabilities. Walk closer to view intricate details such as fabric, leather and wood textures.
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Select an item to view it in your space.
Scan the room.
Rotate, move and place the item wherever you like.
Add multiple items to see how they match.

Build your dream home.

Loving your virtual home? Add your projected items to your wish list or cart with ease. Or, capture screenshots and share them with friends and family.
Build you dream home

Shop seamlessly at every step.

Browse, build your wish list and checkout in seconds — anytime, anywhere.

Plus, view your order history and earn vouchers in just a few taps!
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Your dream home at your fingertips