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Should I Cover My Patio Furniture in Summer?

Castlery   |   May 6, 2022

Do you love entertaining in the fresh air, cooking up a storm on the BBQ, or relaxing in the warm evening sunshine? Then an outdoor eating or lounging area is just what you need. Outdoor furniture do wonders to transform any garden, patio, or exterior space, making your open-air area more usable and more attractive. Ready to create the al fresco living area you’ve always dreamt of?

Once you’ve found the perfect tables, chairs, and sofas for your garden, you need to protect them. Keeping the worst of the elements off your furnishing, even in the summer months, will help to keep them looking good and ensure your outdoor area is usable for as long as possible.

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Do you need to cover outdoor furniture in the summer?

While we all know it’s a good idea to cover your outdoor furnishings during winter downpours and wet weather, not everyone is aware that protecting them in the summer months is a good idea too. This is because wet or humid weather, even during the hottest part of the year, can cause your outdoor lounge or outdoor dining furniture to degrade faster than it should.

Exposure to moisture can cause wooden furnishings to rot and can encourage the growth of mold. It can also cause the timber to look faded and older than it really is. Protecting your tables, chairs and sofas from the elements will keep them looking good and ensure you get as much use out of your exterior entertaining spaces as possible. Another good reason to cover your outdoor furniture in the summer months is to ensure it’s always ready to use. No one wants to sit on wet cushions or damp chairs, so keep the rain off and make sure your sofas are always ready for action.

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When to cover outdoor furniture

Whatever your climate, covering outdoor furniture before a downpour is important. Moisture and wood don’t mix well, and exposure to rain or water can cause wood to degrade quickly, even if it’s treated.

While the odd downpour won’t damage your furniture, regular wet weather can start to take its toll. If your pieces are exposed to rain on and off throughout the summer, you might find the chairs, sofas and tables start to look a little tired and worn.

If you are in a humid environment, or in an area where it rains a lot during the summertime, using covers will help to protect the furniture from being exposed to excessive moisture. If used properly, this will prolong the condition of the furniture and give you an outdoor space you’d love to host guests in.

If you live in a sunny environment and use the furniture frequently, there’s no need to keep it covered or put outdoor furniture covers on at the end of each day. However, it is still important to keep furniture free of dirt and debris, so remember to give your pieces a brush down on a regular basis.

Cover outdoor furniture:

  • Before a storm
  • Before a period of wet weather
  • In very humid conditions

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How to care for outdoor furniture

While outdoor furniture is very durable and long lasting, giving your tables, chairs, and sofas a little TLC will help them to look good and last longer. Keep your pieces in tip-top condition by brushing them down every few days. This will remove any dirt or debris that’s built up on the cushions or woodwork and help to prevent your furnishing becoming stained.

If you spill any food or drink on your exterior furnishings, make sure you clean any marks off straight away. While outdoor furniture is resistant to staining, discoloration can still occur over time.

Before you cover your outdoor furniture, make sure you give it a quick clean. Remove any dirt or dust on the cushions or woodwork with a brush or vacuum cleaner to leave your pieces looking fresh and tidy.

Outdoor furniture protected by furniture covers The right fit: Keep your outdoor pieces looking fresh for years to come with furniture covers that fit snugly.

Check furniture is dry

As well as cleaning your outdoor furniture before you cover it, it’s important to make sure it’s all completely dry. This includes the cushions and any other fabrics that you’re going to cover. Trapped moisture can create a humid environment inside the covers and cause the furnishings to become moldy. So, if you’ve just had a downpour, wait till the sun has thoroughly dried your table, chairs, and sofas before you put the covers on.

It’s important to use furniture covers that are specifically designed for the job. Purposefully made covers will fit snugly around your furnishings. This will help to ensure they don’t blow off in windy weather, while keeping as much water out as possible.

Properly protecting your outdoor furniture is the best way to ensure it lasts well and looks good. Find out more and start searching for the perfect outdoor furniture set for your home, by exploring our collection today.