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Which Material of Rug is the One for You?

Castlery|Feb 22, 2024

Welcome your guests with a signature rug piece in your home by choosing the right rug material, between, wool, cotton, and jute rugs.

When thinking about the word ‘rug’, we usually associate its usage in winter and the cold; something unavailable in a tropical, sunny country. While we might appreciate the fuzzy texture of the rugs, some find them unnecessary for the warm climate. However, aside from lending warmth to your home, rugs also add a personal touch to your space. Continue reading to discover how to enhance your home while keeping cool with our rugs.

Cool down with Jute Rugs

Not all rugs need to be warm and fuzzy, sometimes, they can be cool and airy! Meet our Ventura Jute Area Rug to uncover a new rug texture; this jute rug is durable and can withstand high usage in the house. Design wise, our jute rugs are intricately weaved into contemporary designs and patterns. Made easy to pair and ideal for the modern minimal home; impress your guests with Ventura’s sleek diamond patterns, or add a touch of classiness with Odessa.

The Lilou Jute Rug is @dr.emzieees’ rug of choice to tie up the whole beach aesthetic of their lounge - complete with the Dawson L-Shape Sectional Sofa, Andre Coffee Table and furry friends.

As jute is a natural fibre, pair jute rugs with other outdoor furniture such as the Sorrento Coffee Table, for a sophisticated flair in a garden-like setting as you relax.

Stay in with Wool Rugs

Nothing says welcome home like setting your weary feet on our velvety Lorenzo Wool Rug after a long day; one of our best selling pieces, wool promises and delivers its signature coziness to the home and comfort for the whole family.

Sink into the softness of the Lorenzo Wool Rug as you spend some me-time in the dreamy bouclé Paloma Armchair. A Jonathan Leather Ottoman could double up as a coffee table or another seat when you have friends over. Picture credit: @designlovesdetail

For vintage lovers, pair the Desi Wool Rug with our black armchairs or Jonathan Leather Sofa for a rustic style. Soft and easy to clean, our wool rugs ensure that children can have the utmost comfort and fun, while also guaranteeing safety and hygiene.

Relax on Cotton Rugs

While wool and jute are both on two different ends of the temperature spectrum, those who prefer a perfect middle can opt for our cotton rugs. Cotton rugs are becoming a staple in eco or zen living homes for their minimalistic design and ease to match.

The Nova Cotton Rug is the perfect neutral and versatile backdrop for your modern furniture pieces like the geometric Cupid Coffee Table, and matches the Verona sofa and Adams ottoman.

Aside from complementing any living room furniture, the light weight of our Nova Cotton Area Rug allows easy relocation for you to constantly challenge your creativity in interior design. Enjoy softness on your feet as you dine, by lining the dining room floor with a cotton rug that is suitable for any season.

With so many options to choose from, it may be tough to forgo opting for full cotton or wool rugs due to the heat even while loving its designs. Worry not, as our mixed polyester rugs provide both the fuzziness and comfort of wool, and the lightness and breathability of polyester! With mixed polyester rugs, one can achieve the comfort and Nordic feel of their home, for a fraction of the price of a full wool rug.

Your home can easily be a reflection of you and your style, and much like yourself, there are endless combinations and styles to build a perfect representation. Should you need assistance, our team here at Castlery are always available to give you that inspiration you need to build your dream home!

How to choose the right rug material for your unique home interior style?

Different rug materials may be suited for different styles of homes, we recommend wool rugs for a more Scandinavian style, cotton rugs for a more minimalist zen style, and jute rugs for classy or bohemian-styled homes. While we aim to give you all the material advice we can, ultimately there are multiple factors that may influence your rug shopping. Do consider factors such as allergens, temperature, rug shape, and of course your own personal style of preference!

How do I clean my rugs?

Each rug material may be easy to clean when dirtied just by blotting off the dirty spots with water, we recommend dry cleaning wool rugs, machine washing cotton rugs, and dry wiping down jute rugs every few months for maintenance. Do also remember to keep rugs away from moist or humid areas for increased longevity.

How do I choose the size of my rug?

Castlery rugs come in various sizes, such as large area rugs or round rugs; depending on where you are placing your rug, the recommended size will vary. Large area rugs are recommended for dining areas or living room areas, where the rug can prevent scratches on the ground from walking or furniture, and add liveliness to the tones of the room. Smaller round jute rugs may be recommended for outdoor areas, places under an entryway bench or round table to enhance the space.

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