Celebrating in a Time of Change

This year may be different, but the holidays don’t have to be. We show you how to make the most of the season with the things that matter. Like home, and the people we share it with.


[mahy-kroh-pahr-tee] noun
  • A smaller scale but just-as-fun party to round out the year.
  • A perfectly-sized party where you can cut back on the prep work, yet still pass out on the sofa from all that turkey.

Honey, who shrunk the guest list? A smaller party just means less stress & more rest.

Our furniture’s party-proof.

Bottoms up! Most of our sofas come with partially or fully removable covers to tackle spillages from a tipsy tumble.
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Explore our range of dining tables — some extendable, all with plenty of room for festive feasting.
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A living space that changes with your needs? Shop modular designs that free up room for mingling, or even a mini dance floor.
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Nest & chill

[nest-uhn-chil] verb
  • Like Netflix & Chill, but for 2020 — Involves filling your nest with beautiful things ‘cause you’re chilling a lot more at home.
  • Spending time freed from the usual, crazy night out to stay in and spruce up that little reading nook you’ve carved.

What every(home)body has time for these days, and what every home needs to feel even cozier.

Purge the pile-up.

That heap of stuff? Quite the eyesore. When packed into stylish storage furniture? A feast for the eyes.
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Curl up in bed.

Snowed in? What a bummer. Extra hours in a blanket burrito? Now that's something to beat the winter blues.
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[el-dee-ar] abbreviation
  • Informal abbreviation for “long distance reunion”.
  • Celebrating the Holidays with Mom, Dad and a screen in between.

Aren’t we lucky to be living in a time of video conferencing? Cue the LDR you actually wouldn’t mind.

Our tips for pulling off your virtual celebrations:

Build a visually interesting background (that’s real!), consider a pretty shelf to flaunt your mementos, plants & more.
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Plug in the TV and scale up the virtual fun! Our range of TV stands hide ugly cables while giving your interiors a stylish uplift.
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Spoil a loved one (or yourself!)

We deserve it for getting through 2020. This year's notes to Santa? Less vacation tickets, more home essentials — See what’s on our wish list >

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