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Fabric Sofas

Fabric Sofas

Simple yet elegant, the fabric sofa is a classic of living room design. Available in a range of styles to suit any space, hard-wearing fabric is equally at home for busy family living and sophisticated entertaining.

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Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofa colours and materials

There is a wide choice of different fabrics available in our sofa range - from soft touch linen covers to elegant velvet, stylish leather and hard-wearing polyester. Your sofas have to put up with a lot, especially in a busy family home, so knowing you can count on the material is really important to get the maximum lifespan for your investment. The colour choice is an equally big decision, especially as we often base our living room style around the sofa – which is often the focal point. So, either choose a colour to base your colour scheme around or pick a neutral tone that will work in a wider range of settings should you choose to redecorate.

Style choices for fabric sofas

Fabric sofas come in a big selection of 2 seater and 3 seater options in various styles. You can also get corner sofas and sectional sofas to create a setup that works in your living area. And if you need any added sleeping space, you can also get sofa beds in a choice of styles that combine aesthetics and practicality. Our sofas cover a range of style options, from mid-century inspired designs to chic modern couches with clean lines and low profiles.

Storage and accessories

As the sofa is the main item in most living rooms, it makes sense to style the rest of the room around it. If you choose a corner sofa, think about the size and shape of the coffee table and how this can fit into the available space. Are side tables and ottomans an option for storage and for surface space for drinks and gadgets? And do you require a stand-alone sofa seating area for a snug or TV space or do you need matching armchairs to create an entertaining space? These are all important questions you need to answer before making your choice.


How do I choose a fabric sofa?

There are several factors to consider. First, think about the material choice, based on where the sofa will sit and what it will be used for. Then consider your colour scheme and design aesthetic. All of this will play a big role in how you choose your sofa. Also consider size, shape and overall design scheme.

What fabric sofa is best?

The best fabric sofa is the one that works in your space. Make the right choice of sofa design, material and colour and it should slot straight into your space and immediately look right at home. Every home is different, so the best sofa is the one that works for you.

What is the most popular sofa style?

Although luxurious leather and elegant velvet make great choices for sofas too, fabric is undoubtedly the king of the living room. It’s hard wearing, warm and comfortable, and there is the option to replace fabric sofa covers for a whole new lease of life.

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