Corner Sofas

Corner Sofas

Maximise your space with a corner sofa, couch & lounge. With left and right corner models and materials. Buy Now Pay Over Time. 30 Day Easy Returns. Shop Now!

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Corner sofa colours and materials

A corner couch provides a comfortable space to stretch out for more than one person. They also create conservation and socialising spaces where people can sit facing each other rather than cramped side by side, transforming the aesthetic and dynamic of any room. But the choice of materials and colour is just as big a part of the corner sofa’s appeal. The same rules apply as for regular 2 or 3 seater sofas. Whether you choose a sleek leather sofa, elegant velvet sofa or hard wearing fabric depends on the look you’re going for. As they tend to be large, a neutral tone may be the best option but bold colours can work well too.

Style choices for corner sofas

A corner sofa can change the dynamic of your seating area. They allow you to simplify your space and remove other unnecessary furniture to create more space. But, as they can be big and imposing, it’s best to keep designs simple, elegant and uncomplicated. Let the sofa casually dominate the space, becoming a focal point for the room without being brash or in your face.

Storage and accessories

Your corner lounge can work well with just the sofa, but if you have the space it can be teamed with a matching 2 seater sofa or armchair. A central coffee table completes the socialising space and offers valuable storage, as well as space for drinks and gadgets. The natural angle created by a corner sofa works really well with our range of coffee tables, creating an entertaining space but also one that suits the practical demands of any family living room.


Are corner sofas a good idea?

Corner sofas are a great idea if you want to maximise your socialising space or create more room to kick back and relax. They can either form part of a larger suite or remove the need for extra seating and reclaim dead space in your living area.

What is the best corner sofa?

The best corner sofa is the one that works for your space. That could be a larger and comfortable modular unit with sofa chaise or a compact but stylish unit for a snug or TV area. The choice is yours.

What does a right hand corner sofa mean?

This means a sofa with a right handed corner angle, the suitability of which is determined by the available space and shape of your room. However, modular sofas are designed so that corners can be easily switched around either to meet the dimensions of your space (right or left corners) or just if you fancy a change.