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Sofa Covers

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Sofa covers colours and materials

The sofa is the focal point of the living room but it’s also one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the home. Which means it’s a sad day when you fall out of love with your old model (or time and wear simply take their toll on the fabric). Luckily, many of our sofas come with removable covers, and our range of sofa covers means you can simply switch out your old one to give your living room a new lease of life. Made from high quality fabric in a choice of colours, they fit snugly over the corresponding model, bringing even the oldest and most tired sofas back to life. Choose a new colour scheme for your living room or choose a cover to highlight existing tones in your soft furnishing.

Style choices for sofa covers

A new sofa cover can transform the colour and worn appearance of old fabric but the style will remain the same. However, don’t underestimate the effect fabric and tone can have, transforming sofas into modern and contemporary styles. Our range of 2 seater sofas and 3 seater sofas are all designed to offer classic or contemporary style, with build quality and material choice making them trend proof. Our sectional sofas offer the same but with added flexibility of configuration to suit any space. New couch covers can add further stylistic benefits and adaptability to help you get the perfect sofa for your mood or design scheme.

Sofa cover accessories

Accidents happen. But if they happen on or near the sofa this can be potentially very disastrous with some fabrics such as velvet sofas being especially at risk. With a new sofa cover at hand, if wine or coffee gets spilled, simply swap out the cover and it’s as good as new.


Can you wash sofa covers?

Many of our sofas come with removable covers, meaning you can take them off and wash them when the time comes. If your covers have been washed but still don’t look their best, then it might be time to swap them out for a new set of lounge covers.

How to cover your sofa with a sheet?

To protect your sofa covers or to cover furniture no longer looking its best, it is possible to cover your sofa with a sheet or blanket, tucking it firmly into the back and sides for a tighter and neater finish. However, this is more of a short-term fix and can’t compete with a new set of dedicated sofa covers.

Can I wash sofa cushion covers?

Even if the whole sofa cover does not come off it may be possible to remove and clean the individual sofa cushion covers. This will go at least some way to making your sofa look its best and is good for removing everyday dust and dirt that sofas encounter.