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Nero’s trendy mirrored doors make your space feel spacious while reflecting the beauty of your surroundings.

Product Details

Material:Engineered Wood with Walnut Veneer Frame + Glass Sideboard Door + Metal Legs
Max Bearing Support:80kg
Care:Storage Furniture
Door Mechanism:Push to Open
Safety Tip:Anti-Tip Kit

Product Dimensions

dimension of Nero Sideboard, 160cm
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Dimension:W160 x D40 x H82cm
Cupboard Capacity:6 x W50.4 x D36.8 x H26.8cm (Adjustable Shelves)
Leg Height:23cm
Packaging Dimensions:1 Box

Delivery & Warranty

Cancellation:Clearance - No Cancellation
Delivery Type:Bulky Delivery
Warranty:2 Year Limited Warranty
Return Policy:Clearance - No Return or Exchange
Delivery Condition:Legs to be Fitted